7 legal ways to easily style a pleated skirt


One of the trend predictions for 2022 was that the preppy style would become popular again. This was absolutely true, as on all my social media platforms, and I personally see people dressing in this style. An essential element for this style is the pleated skirt, so it is important that you cognize how to style it properly. Hopefully this article will help you learn how to do it.

My past with pleated skirts

About 6 months ago I couldn't even imagine wearing skirts anywhere. For some reason I couldn't muster the desire or the courage to wear one. But I have worn pleated skirts in public twice in the last 2 weeks. To obtain to this point, I left my comfort zone and bought my first pleated skirt. After that I looked at a few outfits that I liked, chose my favorites and recreated them.

From that moment on I could safely wear any skirt I loved.

Types of pleated skirts to have in your closet

If you have these 3 types of skirts in your closet, you're pretty much done. You can make many different combinations with them. Especially if you have 3-4 different plaid skirts. Even if you like to wear more colorful clothes, it makes sense to buy skirts in colors other than black and white.

Different ways to style pleated skirts

This combo has become very popular in the last 2 years and some people might think it's simple. However, I think it's a very simple combination and can be recreated with many different items. You can wear a crew neck without a shirt underneath. It's all up to you!

pleated skirts

Shop a similar look: White shirt, bike collar, pleated skirt, Knee length socks

pleated skirts

Shop a similar look: pullover, skirt

However, you can simply wear a plain white T-shirt with any pleated skirt. This works pretty well in spring and summer when the weather is nicer.

pleated skirts

Shop a similar look: shirt, skirt

If you really like that preppy look, it would be a good idea to invest in a variety of sweater vests. I recommend getting one with an off-white, black, and argyle pattern to commence with. You can also wear a long or short sleeve shirt underneath.

pleated skirts

Shop a similar look: cardigan, skirt

When the weather gets cold I like to wear turtlenecks underneath all my crew necks and sweaters. These go very well with pleated skirts and are simple to style.

pleated skirtsShop a similar look: pullover, Turtleneck, skirt

Once you've decided what to wear with your pleated skirt, just cast on a loose-fitting jacket. I especially like to wear my black leather jacket with my skirts.

pleated skirts

Shop a similar look: jacket, above, skirt

If you don't want to wear an oversized jacket, you can always opt for a blazer. Personally, I prefer short blazers to long ones, but you can do either. If you love preppy style, owning a blazer is an absolute must.

pleated skirts

Shop a similar look: shirt, jacket, skirt

Ties are a really fun accessory to wear with your outfit. Since this is a tie, it would be easiest to style it with a white shirt, but feel free to experiment with what you wear.

pleated skirts

Shop a similar look: shirt, pullover, skirt

Knee-high boots are all the rage right now and look great with pleated skirts.

pleated skirts

Shop a similar look: pullover, skirt,

Pleated Skirt Outfit Ideas

Shop a similar look: graphic t shirt, skirt

Shop a similar look: cardigan, skirt

Shop a similar look: shirt, skirt,

Shop a similar look: shirt, graphic tee, skirt

Shop a similar look: shirt, cardigan, skirt

Shop a similar look: pullover, sweater vest, skirt

Where can you buy pleated skirts?

I love buying my skirts from Yesstyle because of the variety and true to size. Here are some of my previous purchases. They are the great length, not too short and they also have fitted shorts. I have a black size S and I'm about 5'2 tall.

Click here to check them out

Click here to check them out

You can also find something good Pleated Skirts on Amazon If you seek difficult enough, here are some of the ones I found.

If you prefer to shop in person, there are some good places to stop by H&M, Zara or Berksha. If you have the opportunity, you can visit the nearest thrift store or have a look at Vinted. I was able to find a really cool pleated white skirt for only £8.

That's it for today and I anticipate you enjoyed this post! I anticipate these tips are really helpful and can help you style your pleated skirt better. Comment your favorite outfit below.

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