8 stylish shoes to wear with a short dress


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Every girl should have some short dresses in her closet. But which shoes do you wear with short dresses? Here are the 7 top options.

We love short dresses because they suit every body type. They can help you lengthen your legs, but they also make you feel confident, stylish and radiant. We believe that every woman should have at least one (if not more!) short dress in her wardrobe!

While short dresses have always been in fashion over the years and have always been associated with seduction, the ever-evolving world of fashion has also made it possible for short dresses to look formal and showy.

Pencil, pleated, and A-line are dress styles that pop up left and right! And with summer approaching in a few months, short dresses will no doubt be back in trend.

Many women find it difficult to decide which shoes to wear with a short dress. This is a question many people inquire themselves when preparing to go out at night.

The shoes you select can really make or break your outfit, and what shoes you wear depends on what type of look you want. In this article, we'll give you style tips and talk about what kind of shoes to wear with short dresses!

When choosing shoes for a short dress, it is important to consider the overall image. Heels are always a good option because they lengthen your legs, but if you don't like heels, there are many different types of shoes, such as ankle boots, padded shoes, and even flats.

The general rule when it comes to pairing shoes with short dresses is: avoid pairing tight, short dresses with heels unless you want the party look. However, the rules are a lot less chill if your dress isn't too tight – here you can basically mix and match any shoe you want. However, for a casual look, it is top to opt for flatter shoes.

We've also included some styling tips so you can make the great choice of what to wear with your short dress! All of the shoes listed below are available to purchase in their entirety. So if something catches your eye, just click on the product. You will be taken directly to the website to place an order.

Let us begin!

What to wear with a short dress

1. Ankle Boots

Ankle boots look great with short skirt stripe dresses! They lengthen your legs and complete the dress. Booties are a popular option to wear with a short dress (but they can also go with midi and maxi dresses), so you'll definitely find a few pairs that go well with yours.

You can also opt for flat ankle boots if you want to be demure.

2. Strappy sandals

Flowing mini dresses are popular in the summer and look great with a pair of sandals. Try on strappy gladiator shoes or lace-up sandals!

If you want a beach vibe, select flat sandals with lean straps – they fit great!

3. (ballet flats).

Of course, one of the most practical shoe models to combine with a short dress are flats, or all flats in general. These shoes are great for the office and any day to day activities you might be engaged in including travel and touring.

If you want to focus your outfit on the upper parts of your look, opt for neutral, understated flats that don't draw too much attention. Otherwise, you can go crazy with loud prints and cute details like bows, rhinestones, and more. We especially love these rose gold flats by Lulus for a feminine spring look!

Flats are also expected to be a large trend in 2022, so keep an eye out for lots of cute styles coming later in the year!

4. Sports shoes

White sneakers are a great way to wear a short dress. If you select a casual outfit, it is top to combine your dress with a stylish sneaker. This is a good choice if you walk a lot and want to keep your whole look super comfortable! This also works if you're wearing a denim mini skirt instead of a dress or pleated skirt.

5. Knee length boots

Over the knee boots are a great choice for special occasions. They can be dressed up or down for fall and winter looks, so they're a great choice when it comes to shoes to wear with mini dresses. If you prefer a relaxed vibe, opt for knee high boots with a low heel.

Over-the-knee boots are a statement piece in their own right, so pair them great with a simple dress. But hey, it's entirely up to you whether you want to go out in your outfit!

6. Paragraphs

If you are looking for a party look, strappy heels are always a great option when it comes to wearing shoes with a short dress. They add height and elongate your legs, great for flaunting a lovely dress.

Heels arrive in all shapes and sizes, so whether you prefer stilettos or sky high heels, you can find the great pair to match your dress. If you prefer a more formal look, select heels with thinner straps.

But if your dress is too short and tight, be sure to balance the look with a large blazer or trench coat to avoid looking tacky.

7. Espadrilles

Prove us wrong: Espadrilles are the top summer shoes. Pair that with a wedge heel and you've got the great pair of shoes for the warmer months! Summer means wearing shorter dresses to beat the heat and what better way to pair a short flirty flowy dress with this type of shoes?

Espadrille heels are a comfortable pair of shoes that can be worn with a short dress. They are trendy and stylish so you will definitely obtain noticed! Choose wedges in neutral colors that go with any outfit. What a great combination!

8. Pointed toe shoes

Pointed toe black crocodile leather shoes
wear these shoes ASOS

Pointed-toe shoes and pumps are a stylish way to keep the look on trend. Don't be afraid of flat shoes! In fact, they can be more flattering with a short dress than with heels, so try it out with your dress!

If the dress code is semi-casual and you're wearing a small black dress, wear pointed-toe nude shoes.

Did you find your next shoe in this article? We anticipate you did! Tell us everything in the comments section. If you're still looking for more fashion finds and inspiration, check out the posts below.


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