7 ways to lighten your hair with natural ingredients


At the beginning of the year, we all wish for a commute in appearance. If you want your hair to be light but chemical free, here's how to do it naturally and with ingredients at home. Remember, once you bleach your hair, it will never be the same again. This doesn't mean abuse, you just need to use a mask and keep your hair damp.

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7 ways to lighten your hair with natural ingredients

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1. Lemon Juice

Although currently a very expensive product, lemon juice, at least in Mexico, can lighten your hair when exposed to the sun. What it does is it opens your cuticles and washes out the color. Mix lemon juice, water, and a teaspoon of hair oil (or olive oil) in a spray bottle. Mix well and spray all over the hair.

2. Honey

It works for both skin and hair. You have to mix it with water for it to work, but be careful, this is for light or blonde hair. Spray this mixture on your hair and abandon it in a hat or plastic bag for an hour.

3. Apple cider vinegar

To increase potency, consider adding another ingredient, such as honey, chamomile, or cinnamon. It softens your cuticles, brightens them and adds shine. Mix very well, spray on and abandon on for 30 minutes. Then you need to wash and apply the conditioner.

4. Chamomile

It's one of the ingredients we cognize to clear. Keep in mind that there are many shampoos that clarify with this ingredient. This component is designed to achieve reflections in all hair. All you have to do is prepare a chamomile tea, let it cool and click into a spray bottle. Spray your hair from root to tip and abandon on for 30 minutes.

5. Sea Salt

This component works well if you want your ends to look lighter. Mix sea salt with hot water and let cool. Apply briefly for a maximum of 15 minutes. Remember that salt dries out your hair, so be sure to wear a mask afterwards.

6. Cinnamon

The great combination is water, lemon, honey and cinnamon. Honey has a property that activates and relieves cinnamon. Mix all 4 ingredients and apply to the brush. Brush your hair with this mixture and abandon it on for 30 minutes. Wash very well.

7. Henna powder

This powder is usually quite colorful, so you have to use it carefully. Apply only to the ends of light colors.


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