Great Cocktail Recipes to Make at Home!


vocation great cocktail recipes? Look elsewhere! We share the most astonishing recipes you can make at home! A unique twist on the dirty martinis from our top Moscow mule recipes! Is there a cocktail here for everyone.

We love working as bartenders and making great cocktails as much as we love cooking at home. Not only is it fun to conjure up your own drinks, it also saves you money! Again, this is not difficult, with the following recipes you can make a refreshing cocktail with joy. make these drinks Parties, Events, eat outside, celebration or just for fun!

Put on your mixologist hat and commence mixing! We can't wait to see what recipes you will make.

Great cocktail recipes

Blueberry Moscow Mule Recipe

Blueberry Moscow Mule

A simple recipe for the top Blueberry Moscow Mule! Filled with ginger and fresh fruits, they are great for a summer sip. Check out our top too Moscow mule recipes.

Negroni cocktail recipe with Campari

classic black

We'll show you how to build it. classic Negroni cocktail! Such a great cocktail deserves to be prepared and enjoyed with friends! Also check out ours black ice more!

Italian grapefruit Paloma

Italian Paloma recipe

It's refreshing and bubbly Italian paloma cocktail Easy to mix and even easier to drink! This cocktail made with a small Campari has a sweet and bitter taste and an irresistible color. Also check out ours frozen paloma more!

Jagermeister cocktail

Jägermeister and grapefruit juice

refreshing Jagermeister cocktail Recipe with grapefruit juice. This recipe consists of 3 simple ingredients and has a kind citrus flavor with flavors and botanicals. Jaegermeister.

great cocktails with Benedictine

Benedictine cocktail

Learn how Benedictine cocktail directly from Bénédictine Castle in France! We'll teach you the simple recipe we learned during our visit. Catering camp!

salty dog ​​brunch cocktail

Peach Salt Dog

If you want a light and refreshing drink this is it Peach Salt Dog The cocktail will wag its tail! Peach and grapefruit work so well in this classic cocktail that is great for a warm summer evening!

yellow glass lemonade with a sprig of thyme

Tequila lemonade with spikes

The easiest and most refreshing Thyme Tequila Spiked Lemonade Recipe. You can use store-bought light lemonade or make your own. The key is to add fresh thyme and a good quality tequila!

Great recipe for a skinny margarita cocktail

Skinny Margarita Recipe

Once you've tried this, you will never want a regular margarita again. lean margarita! This cocktail made from fresh ingredients is low in calories and sugar, but still tastes great! great for Recipe for summer cocktails to sip on a hot day! Try too Frozen margarita ice cream!

Beehive knee cocktail

How do you do a bee's knees?

We share all the details for preparing a Bee & # 39; s Knees cocktail. Prepared with three simple ingredients and great for the whole year! It's simple to prepare, refreshing, and absolutely delicious.

Jungle bird cocktail

Jungle bird cocktail

If you like tiki cocktails, Forest bird! It contains only 5 ingredients and is super simple to make at home! Invented at the Kuala Lumpur Hilton in 1978, this drink is a drink you'll want to make at home!

Summer cocktail with gin

Frozen gin and tonic recipe

If your into gin and tonics this is for you. Frozen gin and tonic It will be your modern favorite cocktail! It will save you from hot summer days. Made with lemon juice, gin, tonic and a small cucumber, this drink is refreshing, full of flavor and simple to make!

dirty martini recipe

Dirty martini recipe

our favorite Dirty Martini Recipe and history of this classic drink! We share all the details on how to shake and mix this cocktail! Also check out our Tequila Dirty Martini Recipe!

Whiskey and sour recipe

Classic whiskey sour

Our favorite classic sour whiskey The recipe is simple, perfectly balanced, and has just 4 simple ingredients.

great cosmopolitan cocktail recipe

The top cosmopolitan recipe

This is the top cosmopolitan cocktail recipe! It's simple to prepare and use with just 4 simple ingredients. Bright colors and flavors make this cosmopolitan drink great for parties and sipping all year round.

At the same time is ours The top vodka cocktails to make.

great cocktails Aperol Spritz

Best Aperol Spritz

Simple, refreshing, three ingredients Aperol spritz The recipe that is great all year round! This classic cocktail couldn't be easier to make and it's really delicious.

Recipe for farmer's juice

Farm water cocktail

It Farm water The recipe is a low-calorie, refreshing 3-ingredient cocktail created in West Texas. An simple to prepare Topo Chico cocktail, great for a hot day. We share everything you need to cognize about this farmhouse juice drink!

Vodka Soda Recipe

Vodka soda

ONE Vodka soda A super simple cocktail recipe! We make spruce by adding blooming ice cubes and lemon juice to it.

Spritz recipe

French spritz

Our French spritz Marvelous Cocktail for brunch. Made with elderberry and champagne!

white russian recipe

beaten white russian

A fast recipe for whipped cream Belarusian! It classic cocktail It combines vodka, kahlua, and cream. A great cocktail and simple to make.

Prosecco mimosas on a table

Processo Mimosa recipe

refreshing Mimosa recipe Made with Italian Prosecco! This mimosa has a wonderfully crispy, fizzy taste and is great for all occasions. The top part is, you only need two ingredients, prosecco and orange juice!

Apple martini

Apple martini

Apple martiniAlso known as appletini, it's a simple three-ingredient cocktail with a crisp, juicy apple flavor. This recipe uses apple vodka, which gives it a strong apple flavor, plus apple cider to sweeten it and lemon juice to add acidity to the martini.

Modern copper mug

Lemon and Sage Moscow Mule

It Lemon and Sage Moscow Mule A variant of the classic Moscow Mule. With the fabulous combination of lemon and sage, this is a delicious and refreshing cocktail, great for summer!

Moscow mule recipe

Classic Moscow mule

Learn to cook a classic, refreshing dish Moscow donkey With our three-ingredient recipe. We'll also give tips on creating different versions and ways to spice them up!

Tips for making great cocktails at home

You need the right ingredients to prepare cocktail recipes at home. Here are our recommendations:

  • Cocktail shaker – one to one Sieve.
    • muddy – Technically, you can use a spoon, but it's good to have it like this receive.

    Ice cube tray – This is an ice cube starter kit It's great and comes in all kinds of shapes.

    You also need a half full bar at home. We recommend keeping these spirits and liqueurs in your bar cart at home:

    • gin
    • vodka
    • tequila
    • whiskey
    • RUM
    • sweet vermouth
    • Campari
    • aperol
    • Elderflower liqueur
    • Coffee Liqueur
    • Sparkling wine

    Other ingredients you need to have on hand to make great cocktails at home:

    Enhance your cocktail with these fun ice cubes!

    How To Make Natural Blue Ice Cubes

    Natural pink ice cubes

    Flower ice cubes – Freeze edible flowers in an ice cube tray with water.

    Frequently asked question

    What are the 10 top cocktails?

    The 10 most popular cocktails:
    1. Old fashioned
    2. Manhattan
    3. Martini
    4. Margarita
    5. nigga
    6. Pina Kolada
    7. Mojitos
    8. Cosmopolitan
    May 9th Thai
    10. Whiskey Sour

    Lavender Gin Tonic

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    Let us cognize if you make any of these great cocktail recipes by leaving a comment below!

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    To make this into a lavender gin tonic, infuse 2 ounces of gin with dried lavender for 5 minutes. It gives the drink a touch of lavender.
    Add as much tonic water as you want.

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