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Learn how to do a cabbage massage It only takes a few minutes and 5 simple steps. Well worth it to really take advantage of the astonishing benefits of this versatile leafy green!

Cabbage and oil in bowl

eat your green

Kale is touted as a superfood for its incredible nutritional richness and nutritional abilities. salad to the smiling Chip and be very good for you in every form!

If you've been told to eat darker, leafy vegetables, one of your top choices is kale, but I seek that its texture is not for everyone. However, the reason most people don't like the texture is because they ate it without being massaged first. Believe me, a cabbage massage makes a difference!

When it comes to eating healthy, it's worth paying attention to, so you can learn the cabbage massage too to enjoy it as much as I did. i love in one Cabbage Quinoa Salad With Italian sauce or my homemade vinegar, chopped and withered in soups, cooked as chips with lots of spices, mixed in smoothies, whatever!

Why is Cabbage Good for You?

It's full of fiber, antioxidants, and has a ton of vitamins like C, D, and K. It's high in iron and makes a great low-carb alternative for things like wraps and a great alternative for salads, even when used with spinach. and Swiss chard, you have food for days!

Why are you doing a cabbage massage?

Kale on its own is pretty tough and fibrous anyway, most varieties, especially the curly kind you usually obtain in the grocery store. If you were to chew on a piece that had just been removed from the stick, you would be chewing for a long time. It's pretty bitter even without the dressing.

Breaking down fiber (like tenderizing meat!) Not only helps with texture, but also aids digestion. Using oil and / or some acid from the lemon juice will help spice it up and wither it, making for a nicer bite that is alert for any use.

Cabbage and lemon in bowl

how to do a cabbage massage

Bundles of cabbage are usually bundled in individual leaves; unlike lettuce, it is not picked from a whole seed. This makes it simple to work with one at a time.

  1. Remove the leaves from the stem. Hold the bottom of the stem with one hand and run your fingers over the stem with the other hand; This will automatically pull the sheets as they move from bottom to top. You must have large chunks. If you have some of the tips of the stem left over, don't worry as long as the soil isn't (basically inedible) and you're good to go. Discard the remaining stem.
  2. Chop your cabbage. Use a sharp kitchen knife or paring knife to cut your cabbage as small or large as you want while you eat a piece of lettuce. Remember, the smaller your pieces, the less massage is required. Wash the cabbage and drain in a colander or salad spinner.
  3. Cover the cabbage leaves. Place the cabbage in a bowl large enough for everyone and drizzle it with olive oil, lemon juice, or both. Oh and wash your hands!
  4. Now the fun part! Kale massage is exactly what it sounds like. For the next few minutes, go inside and massage like you were kneading bread dough. Rub it between your palms and use your fingers to break up these fibers.
  5. Ready for consumption. When you find that the cabbage is looser, a small softer, it looks like it's shrunk, alert to enjoy! Sprinkling salt towards the end would be a kind touch if you want to eat it as it is.

Drizzle the cabbage in a bowl with oil

Are there times when I don't have to massage the cabbage?

There are many ways to eat cabbage without massaging. For example, you don't need to massage before cooking kale chips or adding them to smoothies. In fact, you probably don't want the added oil as part of your drink! You can also add it to soups and cook it without massaging it.

Ways to Eat Cabbage

As mentioned earlier, it's pretty bitter on its own, so I like to add it to salads. Balsamic sauce, to the Italian sauce and Farm dressing!

This energizing and nutritious indulgence is great too. Cabbage smoothie filled with bananas and blueberries. You can also substitute kale for the spinach in this creamy cream. Avocado puree, or enjoy this delicious dish Soup Zuppa Tuscany!

Adding more cabbage to your diet has never been easier!

Cabbage massage in bowl

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