4 top reasons you need protein for curly hair

Since I'm addicted to my idol Taylor Swift's princess hairstyle, I decided to embark on my curly hair journey. I spent most of my time maintaining adequate moisture and fluid levels, as I was told.

As a result, I firmly believed that all of my hair care routines were the right thing to do to keep my curls supple and lovely. And one day I realized that no matter how difficult I tried not to make it limp or desert-like, they weren't with me anymore. This uncomfortable condition of the curly hair tormented me very much, as it is lifeless and frizzy easily. Then I learned that protein deficiency could be a major cause.

I should have realized that it was just as important as moisture or moisture. With that, the protein game is over. That is why I am here to share with you my journey on how to revive my curls.


I believe the biggest challenge for all of us who embark on the curly journey is finding balance. protein and humidity. Although I was initially frustrated with my unwanted frizz and overwhelmed by the thousands of curly hair treatments available online, over time I learned to listen to my hair's needs.

Protein for curly hair

First of all, we need to pay attention to what is appropriate. Moisture content for our curls. Most people think that it is necessary to moisturize our hair as much as possible; that's wrong. If you wash or style your curls too often, or sleep with wet hair too often, it will become overly hydrated. Another reason for a moisture overload can be the use of cheap and substandard hair products as they can be full of low-moisturizing ingredients. Plus, over-moistened hair can be worse if not noticed in time; This condition is known as "hygra fatigue". In this case, not only does your cuticle become loose, but, strangely enough, it leaves the hair shaft, which prevents your curls from becoming curly or straight.

In addition to focusing on moisture levels, nourishing your locks with protein is also important. Protein deficiency can have many causes, such as: B. Damage from heat or chemicals, excessive styling, excessive hair washing. To combat these situations, the only way to protect your dry locks is to do your top to restore the protein in your hair. Restructuring process. How is it done though? Let's see how your locks obtain by without protein.

Protein for curly hair

One fact that you shouldn't forget is your hair 60 to 95% keratin; Therefore, every dull hair pattern is usually due to a significant commute in the keratin. Keratin can be understood as a protective protein as it does not tear easily. It acts as a protective shield around your hair shaft to keep your hair elastic and healthy. However, keratin can be destroyed by excessive styling, heat, and chemicals, resulting in a lack of protein for your hair. There are some warning signs when your locks are thirsty for protein.

  • Lack of flexibility: Your curls will be spongy and soft and stretched slightly without becoming frizzy. Your nightmare starts when they're terribly sticky; also because they are mysteriously interwoven, panic has taken on a whole modern dimension; Therefore, the more hair you try to comb, the more hair will fall out.
  • Your locks will become lifeless and fibrous: Your curls will become loose, which will reduce the natural volume. You figuratively obtain sick and have no energy to stand up for yourself; Therefore, some people misunderstand the genuine situation and think that you need to exercise more. But where is the energy source that you need for it? Even if your locks are fibrous, it doesn't mean you need to wash them longer or add more conditioner to spice them up.
  • Soft and sticky to the touch: This happens when your locks become overhydrated due to excessive efforts to add more moisture to low-protein hair, preventing your locks from holding enough protein to grow. That's why I mentioned that the golden key to this curly hair game is balance.
  • Increase in hair breakage and loss: There will be many reasons for this problem. It can be caused by external factors that lead to a lack of protein, such as destitute diet, stress or pollution, smoking or sun exposure. Because of this, it becomes difficult for your curls to grow and stay moist.

Protein for curly hair


There are many different types of proteins such as keratin, collagen, or you can obtain them from milk, rice, soy, etc. So it is not difficult to look for a protein treatment for your curls. You can even make your own DIY protein treatments. Sounds great, doesn't it? I have collected some curl treatment recipes from my friends and from the internet. I didn't spend a lot of money on expensive hair treatments even though it looked like my curls had no chance of growing back thanks to the technology. My own treatment consists of eggs, avocado, olive oil, and honey, and I usually apply this mixture to my hair as a protein mask. I'm not sure if they work for your curls, but in my case they did, even though the result didn't matter.

So I decided to look for specific hair care products for my curly hair. I am surprised that there are so many products for this; You can easily find them at affordable drug stores or high-end branded stores like L & # 39; Occitane, Sachajuan, or Briogeo.

Protein for curly hair

As mentioned earlier, due to the lack of protein, my locks were slightly limp and frizzy and I was just too tired to cope with them. That's why I decided to use the salt- and sulfate-free Shampoo and Conditioner Value Set from Damila as the first product for my curl care. It is made up of many high protein ingredients like sunflower seed oil, aloe vera leaf extract, olive oil, and kiwi seed extract to not only restore my curls but also extend the protein treatment by softening cuticles and reducing frizz. Personally, for me, picking different brands of shampoo and conditioner is always a waste of time as I'm not sure they will work well together.

That's why I was happy to obtain to cognize this package from the leaderboard at an affordable price. Keratin hair shampoo. The highlight of this product is that both the shampoo and conditioner are sulfate-free and fortified with herbal ingredients and natural extracts. This combination product surprised and pleased me very much. After a few washes, I didn't feel any stiffness as I slowly touched my locks, and when I tried to curl them without heating them, they stayed curly longer than before. I didn't cognize if I was overreacting, but when I was finally able to bring my curls back to life, I was touched. Hence, I recommend this combination from Damila to everyone who has almost lost anticipate of saving their curls.

I would like to introduce you to another possibility Moisture Control Shampoo – Degreasing by Maple Holistics. As mentioned earlier, humidity is also a factor that you need to control and balance in order to restore enough protein for your curls. The reason I chose this product is because once my curls were back to normal, I fell for overwatering them with the simple idea of ​​no longer suffering from straw-like hair. This product works perfectly as the name suggests. It amazingly removed oil, grease and even dandruff from my scalp and the feeling of lightness in your hair was so unforgettable. My hair loss was also under control and gradually reduced. The great thing about this shampoo is that it is pregnancy friendly as it is formulated with natural ingredients developed with 100% natural oil.

Protein for curly hair

Long story short, I want you to keep in mind that there is no special hair treatment or recipe to keep your locks curly. “Balance” is a keyword that you need to memorize. Your locks must be balanced in terms of protein and moisture to maintain their elasticity, volume, and natural shine. Either extreme leads to undesirable hair conditions like the one I described above.

Hence, I anticipate this post is informative and useful for you to administer your curls when they are not what you want them to be. I would also like to hear your thoughts on my writing, frizzy hair, or previous treatments. So don't hesitate to contact me in the comments box below, I'll be back soon!

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