7 simple ways to style Y2K fashion


Y2K fashion has been gaining popularity recently, especially among the Z generation. In case you didn't cognize that fashion trends typically have a 20-year cycle, 2020 is seeing a comeback in 2000s-style clothing. But if you have a style that is completely different from the y2k fashion aesthetic, you may find it difficult to achieve. However, this guide will show you how simple it is to really style y2k fashion.

y2k mode

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What is Y2k mode?

Y2K fashion first became popular in the late 90s and early 2000s. The name originated from the idea that computers could not process data after December 31, 1999. The origins of the style were shaped by a digital / cyber look due to technological advances such as cell phones and video games. The most common colors were silver, black, chrome and bright orange.

It's important to note that the y2k fashion aesthetic is heavily influenced by the black community, particularly Aaliyah, TLC, Rihanna, Miss Teeq, Blaque, Brandi & Monica, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Naomi. But for that they were called ghetto and garbage. It became more accepted in the mid-2000s when celebrities like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears started dressing like this.

The y2k aesthetic is very different today, picking up on the major trends of the 2000s. Some aesthetics that can be confused with y2k are indie and soft girl aesthetics as they are pretty similar.

How to style Y2k mode:

bright colors

Y2K harmony usually includes light dark colors such as pink. Other colors like blue, red and green are also very worn. Clothing is usually one color, so only one color.

Baby t-shirt and blue and white checked skirt

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Small tight tops

Small undershirts and baby t-shirts are essential when it comes to your outfits. The top doesn't have to be anything special, it's just very small.

Buy a similar look: above , Baguette bag

Buy a similar look: above and skirt

Low and loose jeans

High waist jeans generally weren't a thing in the 2000s. Therefore, if you really appreciate the style, buying low rise jeans is a good idea. Loose jeans were also very worn so you can commute them sometimes.

Buy a similar look: low jeans and glasses

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Oversized jackets

If you prefer a more street style look, don't forget to have loose fitting jackets in your closet. From items like fur to racer jackets.


Sportswear that you don't do has become very fashionable and people have started to wear tracksuits more. Usually pinks and blues were bright colors as we discussed earlier.

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Short skirt

Paris Hilton once said that "skirts should be the size of a belt. Life is short, take risks". As a fashion icon of the 2000s, be sure to follow her advice.

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As with any aesthetic, there are also special accessories. You should try to replenish your collection with must-have items like 2000's glasses, bucket hats, large hoops, chains, sneakers, and baguette bags.

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Y2k Fashion Websites and Shopping:

Now you might be thinking where to go to find all of this. I have a couple of suggestions for you. Start by asking your parents about their ancient clothes. You lived in the 2000s. You can also browse any thrift or charity store. If you are not lucky with any of these, there are a few online stores you can try. Give it a try if you are on a really tight budget Amazon, Sham, romwe or Aliexpress.

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That's it for today. Thanks for reading. Comment below on what you find helpful and when you think you will commence changing your style.

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