5 Ingenious Ways To Shape A Corset You Would Love To Know About


For most of the people reading this, the very popular Netflix show Bridgeton probably got you here. I have to admit, Bridgeton piqued my interest in corsets and period dresses. But corset styles have been in constant vogue since the 15th century. Nowadays we are finding more modern ways to style a corset in everyday life.

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How to style a corset:

I noticed that corsets are actually pretty simple to shape. They look pretty scary at first because it's an outfit that you are not used to at the moment. But once you seek the aesthetics of the corset, you will find that there is nothing to worry about.

My top advice is to think of corsets as cami tops and style them right away. Likewise, you can combine bustiers with corsets as they are quite similar. Bustiers are usually more defined and decorated with silk and lace. It also has shoulder straps and is lighter than a corset. However, because they are so similar, you can replace one with the other if necessary. Click if you want to cognize more inquiry. In addition, you should not wear a bare skin corset, but rather wear something underneath to protect your skin.

On a turtleneck

Flower top with long sleeves

Oversized t-shirt

Corset over an oversized t-shirt

Paired with a short or long skirt

With a blazer

On a dress

Light brown bodice over a short white dress

T-shirt with buttons

Blue and black lace top over a buttoned shirt with black trousers

Paired with normal or loose jeans

White corset with baggy jeans

Buy a corset:

First, check your area to see if there are any stores selling vintage corsets, and it may also be worth checking out thrift stores or charity stores. You can also try to find some small businesses that can support you.

However, this can be difficult during the pandemic. Amazon has a pretty large collection of corset styles and a number of different sizes. Some of the corsets from Amazon:

Yellow and green corset

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White corset

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Black corset

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Thanks for reading! I anticipate you feel more confident and find it easier to shape the corset. Now that you've learned the basics, don't be afraid to take the next level and obtain more creative with your outfits.

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