10 outfits with pleated skirts for the office

Pleated skirts swept the trends of last year until today. And there is no doubt that her unique style will make any outfit look thousands more elegant and feminine. Incorporate this pleated skirt trend into your outfits for going to the office and being top dressed for work.

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10 outfits with pleated skirts for the office

1. Semi-transparent chiffon blouse with metallic tones

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Hardly any color combination is as elegant as metallic tones with strong colors. Make the most of your outfit by contrasting the chiffon fabric of your blouse and the pleated fabric type of the skirt. You will look great.

Pleated skirt outfits for going to the office

2. The combination of wine with rosewood

While these two colors may seem difficult, they make a unique and very feminine combination. Combine your skirt with a simple ornate blouse on the sleeves for an impressive outfit.

Pleated skirt outfits for going to the office

3. Dress in warm colors in a country house style

Another option is to combine a pleated skirt a small higher than a midi and combine it with a simple white blouse for a carefree look with country vibes. You will be super cool.

Pleated skirt outfits for going to the office

4. Knitted sweater and pleated mini skirt

If short skirts are more of your style, this is your ideal outfit. Combine an oversized knit sweater with a pleated mini skirt and create an incredible look that shines with this contrast. Don't forget to add a belt to make it stand out even more.

Pleated skirt outfits for going to the office

5. Short and black set

To continue with short pleated skirts, we present you with this great idea, copied from Kendal Jenner. Pair a short-sleeved sweater top with a pleated mini to look sexy and elegant.

Pleated skirt outfits for going to the office

6. White shirt for a feminine and elegant outfit

Another way to combine pleated minis is on this model that uses a white shirt. The classic white shirt, an icon of formality, loses its rigidity and gives him the opportunity to transform it into a fresh and feminine piece of clothing.

Pleated skirt outfits for work

7. Cool outfit for the summer in the office

Check out this super cool outfit to take to work so you don't die from the heat in the office. Combine different shades of pink and slightly metallic with a sleeveless top to always look good.

Pleated skirt outfits for going to the office

8. Loose sweater for a cozy, warm outfit

If you have to go to work on a cold and rainy day, this is the top way to combine your pleated skirt. Get a loose fitting sweater that you can tuck in and pair it with socks and boots to keep you warm. You will look super elegant.

Pleated skirt outfits for work

9. Jacket and shirt outfit for a formal and stylish look

Nothing adds as much formality as jackets. If your goal is to look like a pro with a lot of style, then this outfit is for you. Combine a cotton shirt, sweater jacket, and wear a collar instead of a tie to look like a seasoned fashionista.

Pleated skirt outfits for going to the office

10. Shirt and tennis for a casual outfit

After all, we propose a casual and casual outfit that is great for going to the office. Combine a classic white shirt with a pleated skirt in your favorite color, add tennis shoes and bingo. Comfort and style wherever you look.

Pleated skirt for the office

With these fabulous combinations you can make your pleated skirt look great when you go to the office.

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