Important tips when waiting for a room renovation


What are you saying Room improvement at low cost? You like the idea, don't you? Well, you cognize it is possible and the result may surprise you more than you think.

After all, a lovely room doesn't have to be expensive or cumbersome. Take a look at the tips we've put together and roll up your sleeves.

1. Planning and budgeting

Every reform, large or small, needs a financial starting point. In other words, you need to cognize how much you can and want to spend.

This makes the difference in terms of material choice and reform profile (full or partial). The budget will also help you figure out if it is possible to outsource the work or if you will take responsibility. Create a table of detailed renovation costs that includes everything you want to replace from floor to ceiling.

2. Room style

Important tips when waiting for a room renovation


The second important tip is to define the decorative style. It will guide your decisions and keep you from getting lost among the many options on the market.

Few decorative styles can please you. One of the most popular is the modern one, which is characterized by neutral colors, functional furniture and a clear design. In the modern line, too, you can select the minimalist style, which is characterized by the concept "less is more". The modern style also includes the Scandinavian style, which is dominated by natural light, light wood and white color. Another favorite of the moment, industrial style, is worth mentioning. In this decorative style, rustic materials such as brick, demolition wood and exposed concrete are the flagship.

There is a classic style as opposed to the modern style. Elegance and sophistication are essential pieces here, but with a more elaborate and ornate design. Furniture can bring in details, for example tufted moldings.

Another decorative style option for the bedroom is the rustic or country style. This style is dominated by the use of raw woods, earth tones, and floral prints.

3. Transform the furniture

Tired of bedroom furniture? Know you don't have to buy everything modern. You can replace your existing furniture with simple means. One of them is painting. Pick a color that matches the style of the room and make the commute. But don't forget to sand and clean the furniture before painting.

Another way to freshen up your furniture is with the wrapping technique. The tip here is to use vinyl decals to commute both the color and texture of the furniture. There are other popular techniques that go particularly well with country styles, such as patina and decoupage.

When renovating your furniture, it is also worth swapping cabinet door handles with more modern models or those that better suit your range of decorations.

4. Change the bed linen

Bedding is an essential part of decorating the room. It adds comfort and beauty to the decoration. The tip for modern and minimalist spaces is to invest in bed linen in neutral colors like white, black and gray.

For example, the youngest can dare to add some color to the bed linen and still introduce geometric prints. The classic-style rooms are lovely with bed linen made from fine fabrics such as silk, satin or velvet.

Use footrests, pillows, and pillows to complete the layout of the bed.

5. Change the lighting

Every good project always takes lighting into account. It is the icing on the cake in any environment, especially in rooms where light contributes to more comfort and warmth. The tip for this is to invest in yellowish and warm lights. In addition to the central lighting, you can add other light points to the room, such as pendant lights near the bed, lamps (simple installation) and directional spotlights on the ceiling.

Another great option is LED strips. Inexpensive and simple to install, LED lights don't require breaks or skilled workers, which makes everything so much easier.

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