10 simple animal nail designs for this 2021 year


One of the upcoming nail trends this year – which we love, even if it isn't – is the use of animal nail designs. We are giving you some design ideas to showcase your nails that you will love and use in great style.

10 minimalist and elegant nail designs to wear this 2021

10 simple animal nail designs

1 panda

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If you love these animals, paint your nails white and with the help of colored pencils you can shape and even recreate their plants on your other nails.

Simple animal nail designs

2 ducklings

This animal nail design is so simple because you only have one duckling design on one nail and the rest can be in yellow, the color of the year.

Simple animal nail designs

3 rabbits

If you want simple, simple ideas and not too saturated then paint your nails a pastel color and let a bunny sneak into one of them. Additionally, you can place a glitter to simulate its tail.

Simple animal nail designs

4 prints

Another idea of ​​wearing your animal print nails is to lean on the scales. So if you don't have a good heart rate, then you can hold the whole forest with scales in your hands very cute.

Simple animal nail designs

5 turtles

These lovely animals mean so much, even for the Mayans they were the link between heaven and earth. If you want to take them with you, check out this idea.

Simple animal nail designs

6 fox

This animal nail design is lovely, simple, cute and very creative too.

Simple animal nail designs

7 butterflies

Try butterflies for another simple and colorful design. In the picture it looks pink, actually you can make it your favorite color and attach the butterfly to a nail.

Simple animal nail designs

8 dogs

Get inspiration from 101 Dalmatians or your dog and let some small spots and blemishes occupy the rest of your nails.

Simple animal nail designs

9 bees

You can wear it in just one or have the design pulled over your nails! Get the world's most important assets on your nails.

Simple animal nail designs

10 pandas

Another simple design for adding animals to your nails is pandas; It's very simple to design and you decide whether you want the background to be colored or white.

Simple animal nail designs

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