5 professional colors you can apply in less than 30 minutes


Applying a paint can be expensive, and to help you reduce the cost of going to the stylist or asking for help, we give you five professional paints that you can easily apply at home, and they are harmless options. You have a lot of hair.

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5 professional colors that you can apply yourself

1 gel color

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It does not contain ammonia and does not harm your hair thanks to its vegan formula. It is very simple to use: rub the product into your hair with your hands, wait 20 to 30 minutes and rinse. Your hair will be hydrated and the color will last for more than 20 days. Colorist, Loreal, $ 90.

professional paints that you can apply yourself

2 cream color

Most of its ingredients are natural and arrive in a wide variety of colors. You will need a bowl and a brush to apply it. Since its structure is like a conditioner, you will have no problems applying it. Leave on for 30 minutes and rinse with cold water. It takes about 15 days. Manic Panic $ 219.

professional paints that you can apply yourself

3 spray

Since it's a spray, you can apply this professional-grade paint yourself, it only takes a day so you don't have to detangle your hair. When applying, you should place a towel over your roa to avoid staining. The downside is that the hair is a bit rough and dull. Even if you want a cohesive look, a pot isn't going to obtain you through as you need to spray a lot of product to obtain a good tone. The palette costs $ 80.

professional paints that you can apply yourself

4 Gi

They are not poisonous and last 24 hours. You need to spray the lock first, then go over the chalk several times until you obtain the shade you want. When you're done, avoid touching your hair as the color will fall off easily. Warning PPV.

professional paints that you can apply yourself

5 masks

Another simple-to-apply hair color that will make your hair soft and like modern is this mask, which is designed to enhance tones, refresh existing colors, or allow you to experiment with trendy shades while restoring health to your hair. Contains nourishing ingredients with a blend of amino acids, apricot kernel oil and ArganID ™ restorative technology to make hair look and feel healthier. Moroccan oil costs $ 158.

professional paints that you can apply yourself

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