How to create the great neutral summer capsule wardrobe


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Between weekends, outdoor parties, and hanging out on the beach, you don't have much time to figure out what to wear. Fortunately, a neutral summer capsule wardrobe can save you hours of thought when you stand in front of your closet every morning. Every part of the capsule wardrobe complements each other perfectly.

Why you need a capsule cabinet for the summer

Those with a capsule wardrobe need much less time to obtain alert each day, so you can spend your modern free time doing other things. You can pursue another hobby, relax in the garden, or light another season of The Real Housewives of New York.

Choosing clothes from a capsule wardrobe will make you feel fitter and more confident, which will affect your social and professional life.

It can also save you money by having all the necessary parts and not having to go to the mall when you want to attend a certain event. Buying a capsule wardrobe may seem expensive at first, but it will definitely pay for itself over time.

How to create a neutral summer capsule wardrobe

Where to commence

Before you commence packing for your neutral summer capsule wardrobe, consider what you are going to wear a month in advance.

Do you work from home and spend most of your time in sweatpants? Do you feel uncomfortable wearing certain fabrics? Have you attended many events? By identifying the answers to these questions, you can provide a small guidance in creating your capsule wardrobe.

Also, consider your budget and check your closet. Clean up the pieces that you no longer wear and highlight your favorite ones as you can try to add them to your collection.

If you don't have a lot of neutral or summery pieces, we've compiled 34 lists of clothes, shoes, and accessories to guide you through your shopping trip.

Our selection of summer capsule wardrobes

Beige pinafore dress in midi lengthBeige pinafore dress | Tank dresses are extremely versatile, especially when they are neutral in color. It can be paired with a denim jacket and sneakers for a casual look, but when you go to a kind restaurant, wear the dress with a leather jacket and strappy heel.

Black mini dress with front lacing for summerBlack dress with a tie on the front | A black dress with a few details like a tie or a bow on the neck is great for a first date or a garden barbecue. The tie detail on the front gives the dress a more feminine flair, but can still be worn with sneakers if the toenails are falling out.

Puffy white summer dressWhite linen dress | Just like jumpsuits, dresses are a one-stop shop when it comes to putting an outfit together as very small coordination is required. White dresses made of lightweight linen are great for the hot summer months and keep you cool in the heat. You can add a pop of color to the dress by wearing an orange, green, or pink silk headband or hairpin.

lightweight denim shorts with ripsshort jeans | Denim shorts are a must in every summer capsule wardrobe. They can be worn with a black silk tank and black strappy sandals, or with a white tank top and slippers. If you have short legs, stay away from long models. The shorter the shorts, the longer your legs appear.

black linen shortsblack shorts | Black shorts are slimmer and a small more stylish than denim shorts. It's solid color this season, so wear your black shorts with a black tank top and black sandals. When buying shorts, opt for a classy pair with minimal details or puffy pockets.

Cream colored linen trousersWide linen trousers | These can be worn anywhere – to a beach picnic, pool party, tropical vacation or double date. They are incredibly comfortable and accentuate your slender waist. When choosing a shoe for your wide linen trousers, opt for padded or flat sandals. Don't wear sneakers with them unless you really think you can lift them!

Light wash denim jacketDenim jacket | Every woman (and every man) should have a blue denim jacket hanging in their closet. It's simple to wear and instantly brings your look together. Denim jacket fans should consider buying a blue denim jacket and a worn black denim jacket.

white beach men graphic t shirtWhite graphic t-shirt | Wearing a graphic t-shirt is a great way to show other people which bands you like. However, the white graphic t-shirt you purchased does not need to have a band logo on it. Here you will also find lovely t-shirts with flowers, celebrities, movie scenes or other motifs. For the ultimate look, slip your white graphic t-shirt into your mom jeans and complete the outfit with a cool pair of sneakers.

black satin mosqueBlack satin mosque | The black satin tank top is great for unusual occasions like your top friend's birthday dinner or a hot date. For an extra chic look, you can tuck it into high-waisted jeans or black skinny jeans. Wearing gold accessories like earrings and bracelets will enhance the entire outfit.

The perfect white button-down shirt for the officeWhite shirt with buttons | A white button-down shirt is a must-have for everyone this summer. It can be worn with any outfit and provides a small extra warmth on cold summer evenings without spoiling your outfit. If you want to take fashion risks, wear a white button-down shirt with a small white top, plus-size mom jeans, and a pair of strappy stilettos.

lightly washed mom jeans made of denimJeans | When it comes to jeans, all you need is a good pair that will hug your curves. Remember that jeans have a tendency to stretch a bit when they are worn. So select jeans that are a bit comfortable when trying on them. Also, don't go cheap on jeans because you obtain what you pay for.

affordable summer straw hatstraw hat | The straw hat will be your top friend all summer. Not only does it avoid you from getting heat stroke, but it also makes you look incredibly stylish. Wear it with a summer dress or denim shorts paired with your modern white button-down top.

yellow flower bandana hair scarf Scarf with blonde hair | A brightly colored or patterned hair scarf can obtain an outfit from 6/10 to 10/10. The accessory can be shaped in many ways so that you can commute it at any time.

Beige braided sandals Slide sandals | Slide sandals are both stylish and casual and can be worn for a long time without hurting your feet. When shopping online, select a neutral color like brown, black, or white as this is where you will wear it down the most.

Black strappy sandals with a block heel Black strap sandals | A pair of black strappy sandals add pizazz to any outfit, even a simple tank top and jean shorts. It also goes perfectly with dresses and mom jeans.

Light brown suede mules with a gold chainTan Mule | Tan straights have a strong ability to lengthen the look of your legs, which is why we love them. A pair of light brown ballerinas will refine your outfit and make your feet happy.

Whit Veja sneakerswhite sneakers | White sneakers are a piece of clothing you cannot live without in summer. They can be worn with dresses (mini, maxi or midi), denim shorts, baggy jeans, high-waisted jeans and even skirts. Avoid wearing them outside in the rain to keep them white.

minimalist gold hoop earringsGolden hoop earrings | A simple set of gold rings is all you need in your jewelry collection. They are timeless and will never go out of style.

Crystal heart, gold bracelet with pearl embroideryGolden bracelet | While bracelets are often overlooked in jewelry, they can put together an outfit. It doesn't have to be too extravagant, but we love diamonds and delicate details.

Round tortoiseshell Ray Ban sunglassessunglasses | Sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun, but also on days when you don't want to use mascara. Try to go for a unique pair or a pair with a retro frame. While we love a good hijab and hoop earrings, sunglasses are the most important summer accessory.

black overalls for summerBlack jumpsuit | A black jumpsuit can be quickly put on for a trendy look on the way out. Wear your black jumpsuit with a black leather jacket and black strappy sandals for an edgy look.

White sweatshirt for relaxingWhite sweatshirt | While you can have a black hoodie in your capsule collection that you can wear all year round, a white sweatshirt is a must have for your summer capsule wardrobe. It's comfortable and doesn't absorb sunlight like dark colors. Wear it with your high waisted mom jeans, sneakers and sunglasses.

Cotton bathrobe in nudeBathrobes made of light brown cotton | Going to town is fun, staying home is just as fun. You can wear a light brown cotton coat when hanging out at home or putting on makeup before putting on your cute outfit.

Beige lounge set that goes well with tank and shortsLiving room shorts | Hall tank | Everyone needs a cozy and comfortable lounge suite when working from home or relaxing on the weekend. This will be a large upgrade from the dirty t-shirt and oversized sweatpants you normally wear.

Light gray tracksuits / joggers to restLight gray sweatpants | Light gray sweatpants can be worn indoors and outdoors. They're comfortable and great for running errands or going to school. Wear them with slippers, a crisp white tank top and a straw hat for a more stylish look.

minimalist beige handbagBeige bag | When it comes to bags, beige is the modern black. The beige bag goes with every outfit you have in your summer capsule wardrobe and is therefore a must-have.

Beige sandals with platformCasual sandals | Heeled sandals aren't meant to be worn everywhere, so you'll need a pair for everyday wear too. Avoid heels for your everyday sandals and make sure they are comfortable to walk on.

Beige Marc Jacobs beige bagMarc Jacobs tote bag | A stylish tote bag is great for bringing all of your belongings to the beach or pool. Instead of a boring mesh bag, buy an aesthetically pleasing bag so that all accessories should embellish your outfit.

black biker shortsBlack cycling shorts | Bet you never thought this would be fashionable again! Wear your black biker shorts with a baggy graphic t-shirt and sneakers or a matching tank top.

Two-piece bikini set made of beige jacquardTwo-piece bikini set | Swimwear is a must in summer, but if you're uncomfortable in a bikini, a tankini or one-piece will work just fine. Always wash your modern two-piece bikini after wearing it in the ocean or in a chlorinated pool.

light beige pool slidesPool slides | A pair of casual pool slides is a must-have this summer, especially if you're spending time at a resort or on the beach. They are fast to wear and complement the rest of your outfit.

Black one-piece swimsuitBlack swimsuit | While you can have fun with prints for your two-piece, a black one-piece is a classic and will never go out of style. It's also a great option for days when you're feeling a small bloated or relaxed.

Light beige beach towel by MarimekkoBath towel | A cute beach towel is also a great way to decorate your summer outfits while hanging out by the water. Always select the largest size for the size so that you can spread yourself over the sand.

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