15 recipes with ground turkey

These 15 ground turkey recipes conclude pre-portioned meals and freezer-friendly options. Spend some time prepping your meals in advance to reduce your eating stress!

We have many food preparation options on the blog. vegetarian and Beef options, but today we're focusing on dandelions!

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Ground turkey is one of my favorite proteins for my meal prep recipes. It cooks quickly, is a great source of protein, and has many uses.

Compared to ground beef, turkey meat is lower in calories and saturated fat, so it's a great choice when trying to eat healthier foods. Personally, I've found that ground chicken (another great choice if you're trying to cut down on calories and saturated fat) tends to dry out, while ground turkey doesn't.

I also love how many ways there are ways to use turkey in different recipes … it makes a great burger, the patties are great, it is great in sauces, and it is just great when seared with some seasoning. And ground turkey goes with so many different flavors too! I love it with thai and greek flavors.

This post shares some of my favorite recipes for making ground turkey to keep us motivated to prepare meals on Sunday!

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Low Carb Greek Turkey Meal Preparation

The Low Carb Greek Turkey Meal is a hearty, low carb lunch packed with Greek flavors! Top with Greek spiced turkey, lemon cauliflower rice, Greek salad and Greek yogurt tzatziki. It's low-carb, gluten-free, and slightly paleocompatible.

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Bowls for making turkey taco meals

With turkey taco meat, corn, pico de gallo, and brown rice, these turkey taco meal prep bowls are simple but hearty. Highlight them for four delicious lunches.

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Thai Turkey Salad Wraps

Simple and tasty, these Thai turkey salad wraps feature a flavorful and slightly flavorful peanut sauce. Pour the filling into crispy lettuce leaves for an simple, low-carb dinner option.

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Honey Chipotle Meatball Meal Prep Bowls

Honey Chipotle Meatball Meal Prep Bowls are the yummiest way to commence your New Year's resolutions! Healthy cooked turkey meatballs are tossed in a smoky, sweet, and savory honey chipotle sauce and served over cauliflower rice with coriander.

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Korean-inspired bowls for making turkey dishes

These ground turkey dinner prep bowls have a delicious Korean-inspired sauce! Packed with flavor and less than 400 calories per bowl, make this weekend recipe for healthy and delicious lunches during the week.

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Taco filled acorn squash (low carb meal preparation)

This taco-filled acorn squash recipe will obtain you out of your meal prep and turn it into a low carb lunch or dinner! Easy to prepare and delicious to eat!

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Turkey and zucchini lasagna (freezer)

This frozen turkey and zucchini lasagna is the great gluten-free, low-carb meal for lunch or dinner! Go ahead and freeze when the lasagna cravings hit you. Turkey and vegetarian recipe options are included.

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Freezer friendly meals

Best Baked Turkey Meatballs (+ 7 Flavors!)

The BEST cooked turkey meatballs are juicy and tasty, and are made with simple, everyday ingredients! Cook classic turkey meatballs or season them with a choice of 7 flavors. It's healthy, freezer-friendly, and absolutely delicious!

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Instant ground stuffed turkey peppers

The Instant Pot filled ground turkey pepper has 5 ingredients and is simple to prepare. They are also great for meal prep with their delicious TexMex flavor!

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Smokey Slow Cooker Turkey Pepper

This smoky slow cooker is wealthy and strong in taste with turkey chilli, chipotle chillies, ground turkey, kidney beans and lots of spice. The slow cooker makes preparation simple and straightforward and is great for preparing meals!

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Perfect juicy turkey burgers

I pour in all the details on how to obtain the great juicy turkey burgers! With simple ingredients that let the natural turkey flavor shine through, these burgers never go dry. It's so simple to make!

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Hand holds a perfect juicy turkey burger with lettuce and tomato slices "data-lazy-src =" https://blog.bestgametoplay.co/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/1624063856_295_15-recipes-with-ground-turkey.jpg

Mexican spaghetti and zucchini casserole

Mexican spaghetti squash casserole with ground turkey, black beans, corn and cheese. It's simple to make, low in carb, and leftovers stay amazingly good!

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Top shot of Mexican spaghetti pumpkin casserole on a white baking sheet "data-lazy-src =" https://blog.bestgametoplay.co/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/1616097531_246_24-black-bean-recipes-Perfect-for-food-preparation.jpg

Instant Pot Turkey Chilli

With a strong Tex-Mex taste and a simple list of ingredients, this Instant Pot Turkey Chili is alert to cook thanks to the Instant Pot! Relax with a bowl of this hearty yet healthy chili.

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Instant Pot Asian Salad Wraps Pot

These Asian Instant Pot Salad Wraps can be cooked fresh or frozen, and are a delicious, low-carb meal that the whole family will love!

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Two Asian turkey salad wraps on a gray plate "data-lazy-src =" https://blog.bestgametoplay.co/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/1624063856_106_15-recipes-with-ground-turkey.jpg

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