10 elegant ponytails to avoid frizz in the rainy season

If your hair is getting frizzy due to the weather, don't despair. There are many hairstyles that can look really cool and make your hair look great even on rainy days.

10 elegant ponytails to avoid frizz in the rainy season

1. Ponytail with a braid

This ponytail is super handy for avoiding frizz on the fringes. Simply braid the top of your hair to give your hair a modern twist and feel ultra comfortable.

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braided ponytail

2. Bulky braid

Before setting your hair, add volume to your ponytail with a curling iron. Divide it into sections, curl your hair with a curling iron, mark very light waves. Add some styling spray or cream to add volume, then hold your ponytail.

disheveled ponytail

3. Messy ponytail

This ponytail is one of our favorites for avoiding frizz and it's super simple to do. Create a mixed effect by adding a small bit of product before holding to add volume and control your hair. Make a low ponytail and hold it with the same section of hair. Mix it up a small and you will look ultra youthful.

10 elegant ponytails to avoid frizz in the rainy season

disheveled ponytail

4. Half braid

This ponytail is very different and very simple to do. First you need to curl your hair, then commence a French braid, braid it just once and add a garter to your braid to create a ponytail. Only the beginning of the braid should appear. Read: 10 great wedding hairstyles for 2021 for women with round faces

Ponytail braid

5. Bubble ponytail

This ponytail is great for Chinese hair girls. Make a regular ponytail and add a few ribbons along your ponytail to create a "bubble" effect. Another and super modern look that will make you look very young and fresh.

Balloon ponytail

6. Churrito ponytail

This hairstyle will definitely remind you of your childhood, but in adulthood it's the exact opposite. You will look ultra youthful and your fringes will stay intact in hot weather.

twisted ponytail

7. Siren effect

I loved this hairstyle. All you need to do is make a loose ponytail on the side and secure it with a garter, thread the ponytail through the middle of the garter, and add another garter. Repeat until you have your entire ponytail and here's how: 7 fast and simple hairstyles for when you are running late


8. knitting effect

They say braids break hair easily. This is a great solution to achieve this effect with a much simpler and more modern hairstyle.

Ponytail braid effect

9. Curly

Prevent your Chinese hair from frizz and give it a natural look. Comb your hair with styling cream and let it dry. Bring your hair back to where your ponytail started, tie it up with a hair clip, and let go of your ponytail with its natural texture. This look is ultra chic and sexy. Read: 10 simple hairstyles for long hair that will make you look stylish and stylish in summer

China hair ponytail

10. 90s

Retro hairstyles are a large trend this 2021. Style your straight hair with the ends open and secure it with a tall bobby pin. You will love this ultra sexy look.

Ponytail-high retraction

Which is your favorite

10 braided ponytails for elegant women

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