This is how you build the great capsule wardrobe for the whole year

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Are you looking for an simple, inexpensive way to build a capsule wardrobe from scratch? If so, these are exactly the (and only!) Parts you will need.

Capsule cabinets are extremely popular for a number of reasons, and the concept has gained popularity thanks to fashion makeup TV shows. What not to wear and strange eye. The presenters and stylists of these two shows have tied desperate candidates imbued with a bad sense of fashion to capsule wardrobes.

A capsule wardrobe is usually made up of 20 to 40 items, including accessories and shoes, which can be easily mixed or matched over time. People with capsule wardrobes spend less time planning their outfits and avoid the stressful, all-too-familiar "I have nothing to wear" feeling.

How to build your own capsule cabinet

When it comes to building your own capsule wardrobe, there are a few things to keep in mind. You want to reflect your personal style, the color palette you want, and the items you need for your lifestyle and budget.

Before you go shopping, it is wise to check your current closet as there may be some pieces hidden in the back that are great for the capsule wardrobe you are looking to create. Plus, there are few things better than a neat and tidy wardrobe.

Once you've started building your capsule wardrobe, try building it on some of your favorite pieces and buy items that aren't covered in high prints.

Neutral colored pieces or articles with fine prints tend to stay stylish longer. After you've picked a handful of favorites (perhaps a beige dress or worn high-waisted jeans), focus on finding a few essentials to fill the rest of your capsule wardrobe.

How to make a capsule wardrobe from scratch all year round

Must-have capsule cloakroom clips

If you don't cognize where to commence, we don't blame you. This ongoing project can feel a small overwhelming and daunting, especially if you don't enjoy shopping or spending your free time at the mall.

To obtain you started, we've selected 36 items of clothing and shoes to use as reference for your own journey into the capsule wardrobe.

Tops for your capsule wardrobe

Black singlet with V-neck Black athlete | When people say they're going to wear "jeans and a cute top," it's almost always a black tank top. Like other neutral tops, it can be paired with denim shorts for a casual look or with a pencil skirt and structured blazer for a more formal look.

beige sleeveless blouse Light brown athlete | In the past few years, tan has made a serious comeback in the fashion world. A beige or nude colored tank top is the great base for any outfit. Wear your brown tank top with a white linen skirt or pants in hot weather.

White crochet shirt White athlete (crochet detailed) | You can't go wrong with a white t-shirt, especially if you shimmer in the sun. If you want to upgrade your tank top, find a model with white braid or ruffle details. A white tank top goes with almost anything, and you can spice it up with a bandana or layered gold chains.

Sustainable black t-shirtPlain black t-shirt | Solid color T-shirts are great for spring and summer, but can also be worn comfortably under a cardigan in cold autumn and winter. Combine your black V-neck or round neck t-shirt with high-waisted jeans and crisp white sneakers.

Basic white t-shirt Basic white t-shirt | A white simple t-shirt is a must in every wardrobe. It's simple to combine with other items in your closet, but it's a small harder to keep clean. When it comes to keeping your t-shirt white, just wash it with other white pieces and add some baking soda to the wash.

Beige oversize t-shirt with pockets neutral t-shirt (with bag) | This has to be the funniest of all the t-shirts you have in your capsule wardrobe. A neural t-shirt can be beige, taupe, sage green, ivory, or gray. It doesn't have to have a pocket, but it definitely adds detail and flair to your outfit.

Blouses, sweaters & jackets

Sustainable white basic blouse White blouse | There is a white blouse for every personality. But right now, oversized white button-down tops are very popular when worn over a bralette or a ribbed tank top. It can also be thrown over a curved tank dress with white buttons.

black satin blouse Black blouse | Black blouses can be combined with everything, but they look great with worn jeans or white trousers. Look for a black blouse with a kind collar or made of light chiffon or silk.

white cardigan White cardigan | When you're cold, you can pull a white cardigan over any outfit, even mom jeans or a dress. If you want to be extra fashionable, try to find a cardigan with some lace or crepe detailing. Whenever you wear your white cardigan, be sure to take it off. Tide pen in your pocket before you abandon home.

Sustainable light brown turtleneck Light brown sweater | If you didn't cognize the difference between sweaters and cardigans, here it is: cardigans have buttons on the front, and sweaters should be pulled over your head. A light brown sweater is a must-have and can be worn with black trousers or jeans with over-the-knee boots in autumn and winter.

Sustainable black long-sleeved shirt Black long-sleeved shirt | This has to be different from the black blouse. A black long-sleeved top can be made of cotton and does not contain any frills. It can be worn with jeans or with black pants and a statement necklace.

light denim jacket Denim jacket | A denim jacket is essential and can be worn all year round. It can be thrown over a dress or worn with worn denim shorts and a white or black silk corset for a girls night out. The great thing about denim jackets is that the more you wear them, the better they look and last forever.

Sustainable, camel brown sweater with a round neckline brown sweater | Brown sweaters are great for fall and photo shoots in the nearby pumpkin field. The color warms up every complexion and looks especially great on blondes. For a more trendy look, you can find an oversized version.

Nude / neutral synthetic leather jacket Faux leather jacket (nude or black – your choice!) | We love denim, but there is something about leather jackets that makes us feel totally wild and bad. If you are vegan or on a tight budget, a faux leather jacket is an affordable alternative to genuine leather. Choose a nude or black version depending on your personal style.

Lululemon black hoodie Black hoodie | Unfortunately, it's time to take off your ancient and worn college hoodie. A brand modern black hoodie will be just as comfortable. It can be worn with matching black sweatpants or jeans for a monochrome team look.

Jeans, overalls and shorts

Sustainable denim overall with sleeves Denim overalls | Jumpsuits are great for people who don't like to mix and match tops and bottoms. Denim overalls are very popular right now, especially overalls with a useful grip. Wear it with padded sandals to wear, but also with rock platform sneakers for a more casual look. Make sure that the waist of the jumpsuit you buy is slightly tapered.

Sustainable black jumpsuit with belt and button Black jumpsuit | Similar to a denim overalls, a black jumpsuit is just as simple to style and can be worn for almost any occasion. If you're shy about wearing a jumpsuit that accentuates your shoulders, pull on a white baby t-shirt underneath for a small extra protection.

Wide leg jeans Wide leg jeans | Wide leg jeans are definitely making a comeback this fashion season, giving the illusion of longer legs. There are tons of different lengths to select from, but we recommend short jeans in summer and floor-length jeans in fall and winter. They can be worn with heels or sneakers depending on the occasion.

Sustainable black skinny jeans with a high waist Black skinny jeans | Even if millennials tell millennials to go without skinny jeans this year, they are still a staple in every capsule wardrobe. They are incredibly versatile and can be worn with anything. If comfort is a priority, look for a high-waisted pair made from cotton and spandex for stretch.

Sustainable white straight jeans White jeans | White jeans are crisper and more stylish than blue jeans. They also go well with pastel colored tops and feminine blouses. But when you put them on the grill, watch out for ketchup or mustard dripping off your burger!

Mom jeans | Mom jeans (also known as high waist jeans) are great for combining with cropped tops and cropped sweaters. They also give you the great peach-shaped prey.

black linen shorts Black linen shorts | Black linen shorts are great for summer because they're lightweight, provide some airflow, and can be worn up or down. The black color also goes with everything. Try pairing your black linen shorts with a white button-down or a white tank top.

Lightly washed denim shorts short jeans | Denim shorts are extremely versatile and arrive in a variety of washes and styles. Worn or bleached denim shorts are cute for casual outings, and darker denim shorts are great for dressing up.

dresses and skirts

Sustainable bronze-colored layer dress Light brown dress | Light brown dresses are great for sunny days and can be worn with sneakers and a denim jacket for an effortlessly cool look. Those who want to look less casual can combine the dress with black strappy sandals.

sustainable white eyelet dress White dress | Every capsule wardrobe must have a simple white dress, especially for summer. If you want a more stylish look, wear your white dress with bare heels or sandals as this lengthens the look of your legs.

Sustainable black mini dress Black dress | Black dresses are classic. You can select a plain black tank top or wrap dress, or a dress with a ruffle detail. They can be worn day and night and with almost any type of shoe. We haven't found a shoe that looks terrible with black clothes yet.

Brown patterned midi skirt Midi skirt | Having a couple of skirts is important, especially if you work in an office. Midi skirt doesn't show much skin, but is still very stylish and comfortable. Midi skirts that wrap around the waist are extra lean.

Striped linen maxi dress Maxi dress | Maxi dresses are great for wearing to wineries, backyard parties, weekend brunch, or even at work. If you wear a maxi dress outside with your friends, pair it with clean white sneakers and a denim jacket.

Black vegan leather skirt Black vegan leather skirt | A leather skirt is really fun to wear in layers in autumn or alone in summer. Combine it with a pair of black tights and a chunky knit sweater in the fall. In summer, wear a black crop top, matching black leather jacket, and black strappy sandals for a night out.

white denim mini skirt White denim skirt | White denim skirts are great to wear when it's hot and sunny outside. Choose a style that is not too short and combine it with a black blouse or a neutral tank top.


brown block heels brown heels | Light brown, tan or beige heels are a must have in every woman's shoe closet as they go with everything while also lengthening the look of your legs. Before you buy a pair, you should wear them a small in the store. There's nothing worse than buying a pair of shoes that you can't even obtain into.

White Veja sneakers white sneakers | White sneakers can be paired with mom jeans, black pants, denim shorts, dresses, and everything else on this list. Keep your white sneakers clean by rubbing them occasionally. Mr. Clean Magic eraser.

Nude slip sandals Slide sandals | These are great for casual outings like meeting your friend for coffee or running errands on the weekend. When looking for a pair of slipper sandals, opt for neutral colors or black as you will obtain more out of them.

Blak Mule / Loafer Idlers | Loafers are a great alternative to high heels in the office. They look super stylish with dresses, skirts and work pants. Plus, your feet won't throb at the end of the day!

Espadrilles sandals with platform in beige

Platform sandals | For those who aren't gifted with a vertical, heeled sandals are a godsend as they can add a small extra height to you. If you're not very comfortable in shoes other than sneakers, try finding platform or wedge heels instead of stilettos.

Black ankle boots Ankle boots | A classic pair of black or brown ankle boots will complete your wardrobe all year round. These go perfectly with mom jeans and black skinny jeans.

Hope these ideas helped you create your own capsule wardrobe! If you're looking for more fashion ideas, check out the posts below!

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