Top 15 Bohemian Style Stores like Anthropology House

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Are you looking for affordable stores like Anthropologie home that will add a bohemian flair to your home? If so, these ideas are for you!

She is known for her anthropology, bohemian outfits, and unique fashion sense. Home decor and resulting furniture have the same rustic and inspiring bohemian style that adds so much culture and class to your home.

Whether you are looking for unique pieces to add color or interesting textures and shapes to transform your living room into a great place, Anthropology homepage It has a wide range of options. They have heavily focused on the bright, colorful approach to the bohemian style to give any room a fresh and vibrant feel.

As varied as the options at Anthropologie Home are, they may not suit every taste and style. The boho or boho style is very diverse and many different brands and designers have brought their own unique twists to the scene.

With so many strains out there, it can be difficult to obtain confused as to which to select. Fortunately, this guide will help you explore stores like Anthropologie Home to find the top furniture and home accessories for every budget.

Best home accessories like Anthropologie Home

one. Urban Outfitters home

Cheap stores like Anthropologie home: Urban Outfitters

Cheap stores like Anthropologie home: Urban Outfitters

Plumber in townhas a traditional bohemian clothing line, a fabulous selection of furnishings and decorations. It is one of the most admired stores when compared to Anthropologie Home as its bright colors and unique designs perfectly reflect the boho style. The top of Urban Outfitters can be found in bedding and furniture.

They add lovely texture and color to bedding in comforters and cast covers, and work incredibly well together to combine colors and contrasts. Its furniture feels both modern and vintage, particularly inspired by wicker chairs, curved metal shelves, and newer pieces like the table and bedside table that have taken on fantastic curves and shapes, all inspired by the boho style.

2. Lulu and Georgia

Affordable stores like Anthropologie home: Lulu and Georgia Affordable stores like Anthropologie home: Lulu and Georgia

Lulu and Georgia It has deep roots in the modern bohemian aesthetic of its founder Sara, who has designed some of the most lovely furniture and decors for decades. Their brand is a high-end brand with a strong focus on staying on the cutting edge of modern bohemian fashion and trends and putting their collections together to create the most cutting edge styles.

The price range is one of the highest on the list, but the quality above all is astonishing Moroccan carpets bushy, beautifully styled, and durable enough to last a lifetime.

3. Etsy, e.g. ShopCandiceLuter

Anthropologie Home: Affordable stores like ShopCandiceLuter

This list has many great brands from retailers and stores designing great products. But sometimes smaller stores just can't be beat for unique style and craftsmanship.

Etsy is a great place to explore and bohemian home decor shopCandiceLuter, Owned and operated by Candice Luter, this is a great place to find the most astonishing wall decorations inspired by bohemian grapevines and fashion. Her pieces can better be described as handcrafted art as Candice uses her interesting use of wood, mirrors, and rope to create a style you won't find anywhere else.

His collection and pieces have also recently become available. West Elm!

4th Target home page (Opalhouse and Threshold lines)

Affordable alternatives for the anthropology house

In the past few years, aim It has grown into a great store where you can find some of the top furniture and home accessories at incredible prices. Their general style leans towards a more modern aesthetic, but they create particular sequences worth exploring.

you Opal houseThese are lovely collections of bohemian home decor like rocker panels. For their furniture, they borrow rustic wicker and classic wood designs that correspond to modern styles. Home decorations are an especially good purchase as they can help fill a room with smaller pieces that add lots of flair without breaking the bank.

5. West Elm

Affordable stores like Anthropologie home: Westelm's bohemian recommendation

If you are looking for high quality bohemian luxury furniture and home decor without the luxury price tag, West Elm It's one of the top brands to discover.

They take a bold approach to modern bohemian style, with the use of thicker curved wood for their chairs and furnishings, handcrafted wooden tables that flow with the mood of the room, and one of the top collections of art and hanging decor you can find can. Her overall style shifts to a more modern minimalism, but with bohemian accents and patterns to look great.

6th Serena and Lily

Bohemian stores like Anthropologie home: Serena & Lily

While the boho style tends to have great pops of color to enhance contrast and variety, Serena and Lily brings its twists and turns in the modern bohemian style. Serena & Lily can be called "modern boho" as they prefer the more refined style, similar to romantic period furniture with boho splashes that add a unique elegance.

They like to use bright white with light pastel lines. The furniture has a more modern "clean cut" style, but with an interweaving of wicker, curves and lighter woods. Therefore, their style reflects a European coastal culture that cannot be found anywhere else!

7th CB2

Rattan hanging lamp and low bed Modern white swivel chair and black and white house design

if you haven't heard CB2You should be curious to see their catalog. CB2 is a sister brand of Crate & Barrel as high-market offerings. He combines high quality furniture and decor with some of the top designers to create astonishing pieces.

You can think of CB2 as an evolution of the modern bohemian style. The main lines combine boho, high-end vintage and modern styles to create unique and impactful pieces. you Paul McCobb Collection It offers pieces that are inspired by boho shapes and designs but are made from stylish metals with exciting shapes.

8th. Drew Barrymore Flower House (Walmart)

Affordable stores like the anthropology house: Drew Barrymore Flower Home

Once known as a furniture and home accessories bargain store, Walmart wasn't careful about keeping up with Target. Over the past few years, they have teamed up with acclaimed actress and fashion designer Drew Barrymore to create some of the finest furniture and home accessories.

Barrymore's flower collection It's as bright and colorful as it looks. She likes to play with bold color statements for chairs and tables, and highlight lighter splashes in the pillows and decor to bring it all together. The flower collection has much needed energy and life worth collecting pieces to enliven your home.

9. Overstock's bohemian pick

Cheap stores like Anthropologie home: Moroccan rugs from Overstock

Overstock It was one of the top places to find great deals on anything you want to buy. Bohemian furniture and home accessories have some of the top sales of furniture, carpets, and smaller home accessories.

Unlike any other brand, Overstock's Boh̬me line does not shy away from creating a home that shines with bright colors such as pink and green and patterns with natural stylistic accents. Their rugs are especially great if you're looking for vibrant centerpieces in a rainbow of colors Рbut don't worry, they feature lighter patterned rugs too.

10. World market

Anthropologie home: cheap stores like World Market

Often overlooked but completely forgotten World market It has a fabulous mix of goods from all over the world. One of the main markets is furniture and home decorations that have been specially selected to give your home an earthy look.

Much of their aesthetic focuses on exploratory bohemian styles with designs and patterns you won't find anywhere else. One of the top brands to discover pieces that stand out and represent something modern and refreshing.

11. Shop Amber Interiors

Seagrass bowl

Amber It's one of the favorites on this list as it's difficult to arrive up with interesting approaches to bohemian style. Their furnishings and home decor are subtle and go well with bright whites and lighter colors, but their designs have a hidden secret with a great play with textures, patterns and smaller details that breathe modern life into their style. This attention to detail gives your home a fabulous sophistication.

Their prices are a touch of high-end, but they feature some of the top muted designs you won't find anywhere else. They also have several collections dedicated to showcasing antique style furniture with styles from the 17th and 18th centuries that go well with the boho style.

12th Joss and Ana

Rattan garden furniture and wall baskets

Joss and Ana It's a brand that can easily be confused with a vintage furniture and home decor store. Her style leans heavily on the classic European style with distinctive designs and shapes, but combines bohemian patterns and designs to convey a great taste of life.

Their lighting choices are one of the top on this list as it has lovely features and lamps that look like they were made by bohemian masters decades ago. They also propose a wide range of small items such as bathroom and kitchen equipment, hardware and shelves that bring that much-needed touch of modern bohemian flair to a home.

13. H&M home page

Bohemian home decor like Anthropologie Home: H&M Home

Maybe the cheapest deal, like anthropology with bohemian home decor, HMalthough their main market is in trendy clothes at surprisingly high prices. In recent years, they have expanded their sense of style into the home decoration and furniture market.

That is why they have made large waves on the bohemian home decor market with their subtle home decor lines. Their styles are lighter than Anthropologie with their toned down colors, but have more intricate designs.

The kitchen utensils from H&M are worth recommending because they are simple and elegant with elegant style lines. The rugs and pillows reflect the lovely rustic boho lifestyle but stay up to date with modern styles and can blend in with many other pieces in your home.

14th Box and barrel

Rattan woven storage baskets and plants

One of the largest and largest home furniture and interior design brands in the world, Box and barrel offers an excellent selection of bohemian styles. While his designs focus heavily on modern styles, one of his greatest inspirations is the classic bohemian style.

You can see it in their carpets and pillows that sparkle with natural energy and the rustic designs taking over the ancient world. Kitchenware and barware propose some of the top mixes of bohemian design and patterns, especially with modern updates to make everything feel special. If you mix the high quality of Crate & Barrel with this boho flair, you can hardly resist the propose.

fifteen. Pottery warehouse

Rattan coffee table

One of the preferred brands for home textiles, Pottery warehouse It has an extensive list of styles and designs that are always worth checking out. They have a wide variety of bohemian styles, from painted lantern lights with floral and natural motifs, handmade macrame-woven rugs and curtains, woven straw lamps, and pieces of wood that bring a room together.

Hope you found some great stores like Anthropologie on this list! If you need more home decor ideas, be sure to check out some of the articles below!

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