10 fresh and elegant perfumes you must have this year 2021

As we always say, perfumes are today's most popular accessories, they create a memory and a unique essence wherever we go, so today we abandon the choice up to you. Perfumery favorites for this year 2021

10 fresh and elegant perfumes you must have this year 2021

1. Aries dreams about Aries

Coach Dreams is inspired by a sunny car ride full of opportunity in the American West. From the top notes of fresh fruit to the long woody notes, it takes us on a journey from commence to terminate and arouses anticipation, the endless path and the memories created. bright odor Woody opens with notes of bitter orange and juicy pear, then reveals a heart of gardenia and cactus flowers to terminate with a sensual background of Joshua tree and ambroxan musk.

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2. Versace yellow diamond

As the name suggests, this fragrance shines with the intensity of a diamond. It starts with a fresh, lively and wise citrus explosion, accompanied by notes that instantly energize us, such as neroli, bergamot, amalfi lemon and pear. Next, her flowery heart is responsible for adding character to her personality, a mix of romance, passion, and longing, with a strong nuance of femininity reflected in sparkling freesia, mimosa lotus, and orange blossom. Finally, three seductive aces, amber, guaiac wood and musk, put an end to this adventure.


3. Tory Burch's signature

It A women's fragrance from the Floral Woody Musk fragrance family that captures classic elements in an unexpected way. feminine and boyish Once . Simple and elegant. The floral peony and tuberose are set in place by earthy vetiver, mixed with citrus notes of grapefruit and neroli. A bright and complicated mixture in a super stylish glass jar with a golden openwork lid.

Signature tory burch perfume

4. Mon Guerlain, Sparkling Bouquet de Guerlain

Always be yourself, but never the same today it is eclectic, complex and proud of it. to open continuous evolution moves away from stereotypes and archetypes ie your own. In 2019, Guerlain left a footprint intimate fragrance for her with a unique signature: Mon Gerlain. Since then, this iconic fragrance has been Explored different aspects of housewife contemporary. Inspired by overflowing joy, Mon Guerlain Sparkling Bouquet reflects a woman's aura Your smile is radiant and illuminates the world.


5. Victoria's Secret Bombshell Beach

Victoria's Secret presents its modern model odor for this holiday season: Bomb beach, one limited edition betweenodor #one Your brand: bomb. that smell feminine, fresh and fruity, contains light notes Grapefruit and black currant, Lilies of the valley and light forests; a catchy mix tropical scents and feeling cast yourself in the sand on an exciting escape to a desert island. Hunt when you spray a small odor You will feel that you are enjoying a well-deserved vacation and that you will pass this feeling on to everyone who smells your scent.

Victroias Secret Perfume Bomb

6th Don't forget me Victorinox

Forget-Me-Not is for women who, with boundless self-confidence, cross the fine fragrance line between delicate and daring. As part of the Victorinox Signature Collection, this fragrance is a sensual fragrance that embodies various aspects of femininity for free-thinking adventurers and nature lovers. Bright and exuberant, fun and powerful, this fragrance is as unique as the woman who wears it. Bergamot notes are interspersed with strong pink pepper accents to give the fragrance a fresh, spring-like appearance. Romantic heart notes of tender forget-me-nots and hibiscus seeds are enchanting. On a sensual and woody base, notes of cedar wood and angel kernels abandon a seductive trail and a hint of sweetness.


7th Mithyka Elixir by L & # 39; Bel

L & # 39; Bel has something unique for you Elixir of Mithyka New odor Authentic personality who you dare and who makes you what you really are: an impressive woman full of vitality and courage. It combines top notes of pink pepper essence and absolute jasmine, a modern white flower that emphasizes femininity, with each petal adding a timeless sophistication.


9. Aqua Allegory by Guerlain

It's delicious without being sweet. Sublime, bold, and reassuring. Refreshing too. As if bees only pollinate the largest flowers in the world odor. Magnolia, rose, sambac jasmine. A honey beauty. The warm touch of the sun on her skin met the feeling of an icy, watery wave.


9. Fleur de Pecher, Karl Lagerfeld

Summer is closer than ever, the scent of fresh fruit is present and what could be nicer than pampering yourself with the sweet feeling of velvet, a peach wrap that will undoubtedly give you the fresh feeling you need. FLEUR DE PÊCHERDelicate top notes of yuzu – pear nashi and peach, sweet heart notes of white flower – jasmine tea and base notes of fruity-flowery / eau de parfum and musk cotton will caress you.


10. Cruel love, Tory Burch

A fragrance from the floral-fruity fragrance family for women that captures the passionate feeling of falling in love. one frothy mixture: Fiery pink pepper and patchouli blend with raw rose and addictive amber. The same irresistible fragrance, now in a redesigned packaging. Top marks pink pepper, raspberry, grapefruit, and lemon; Heart notes are pinkSambac, iris, lychee and jasmine; Important instructions These are patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, amber and amber tone.


What is your favorite?

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