25 architecture youtube channels for architects

With revolutionary innovations in the field of architecture, Video presentation has become an integral part of it. Ultimately, it enables you to communicate more efficiently with the audience. An appealing opportunity for budding architects to find out about modern architectural revolutions. For example, 25 architecture YouTube channels for architects develop the quality of education through their video presentations.

25 architecture youtube channels for architects

1. First in architecture

Any architectural video should contain important architectural features. First In Architecture experts seek that. Since January 2013 it has been offering one video per year. An excellent architecture YouTube channel for academics, full of tips and tweaks. Get resources and learn which tools can help you succeed.

2. SpaceLineDesign architects and interiors

Potential professionals can refer to his videos for bespoke advanced architectural designs. The channel focuses on the delivery of videos on residential homes, commercial interior design, and municipal master planning and building design. It can also be used for 3D modeling, custom floor plans, virtual reality presentations, Revit construction drawings, etc. as well as complex areas.

3. Freelance architecture

Architecture videos should develop a professional's skills. Visit Freehand Architecture's official YouTube page to develop your architectural acumen. Communicate visually with complex design ideas and gain confidence in your designs. The channel punctually publishes 21 videos a year.

4. Architectural drawings

Drawing is an integral part of this architectural field and you can see it for yourself with Architectural Drawings. With a large selection of videos, this channel covers everything related to drawing and architecture. Professionals have been posting four videos a year since October 2013.

5. Autopsy of the architecture

Historical evidence of a particular place or house has a lot to do with architecture. And if a budding professional doesn't seek the basics, it's nearly impossible to be successful. This requires visiting Autopsy of Architecture, a personal photo page on YouTube since 2010.

6. Unstable

An idea of ​​the forward-looking design philosophy is a simple requirement for architects. Dezeen shows the latest architectural innovations in videos. It is by far one of the most innovative and influential design and architecture magazines in the world.

7. Architecture summary

The authoritative design magazine Architectural Digest covers the whole world and reports on the top and most promising architectural designs. In terms of his fan followers on YouTube, it has exceeded 5 million.

8. How to make an architect

Sometimes a registered architect can only guide graduates! And for this channel, Doug Patt is enough to help all budding architects to take fewer detours and shine like a star. With his work since 1993, he has created great high-end residential architecture.

9. Sam-E Studio

Beginners in this industry can learn the basics of architecture including architectural drawings, model making, 3D art, architectural design software, optical illusion, interior design and exterior design courses. And the top place on YouTube is Sam-E Studio.

10. 30X40 design workshop

The 30X40 Design Workshop is the place to be if you want to learn more about architecture training, designs and portfolios. The channel also offers sketching and drawing workshops, brief architecture courses, architecture essays, reviews, etc. covers. His videos are regular, once a week.

11. Show better

Show It Better is the place to take your architectural skills to a modern level. Learn more about architectural representation in weekly videos

12. ArchDaily

New York is pretty much on the move when it comes to architectural development. ArchDaily’s main goal is to develop the quality of life for people who will migrate to cities in the years to arrive. That is why the channel offers inspiration and information for future architects through architecture videos (four times a month).

13. Architectural inspirations

This YouTube channel was created in 2019. & # 39; Architectural inspirations & # 39; is the place to share tutorials, information, and tips on architectural visualization and rendering.

14. Survival architecture

Architecture has played an important role as a guide for the survival of your institution since May 2019. His videos consist of architectural sketches, tutorials, architectural visualizations after production and architectural design processes.

15. Inclined studio

For architecture, interior, landscape and videography, you can turn to inclined studio. The team takes on everything from the concept to the development of ideas and implementation! It believes in tradition and combines this with its innovations.

16. Architecture insider

For innovative architectural designs, check out the videos posted by The Architectural Insider team! Posting a video every week is serious. And since 2019 this channel has served the universe.

17. Photoshop architect

An interesting channel for a budding architect! Photoshop Architect is the place where, as a student, you can develop your Photoshop creation knowledge and skills. Check out Photoshop library, architecture news, and more.

18th Archimarathon

As a student, the Arch Marathon makes architecture more interesting and accessible. From architectural interaction to architecture tours, the canal shows every detail of architecture and design.

19. Archtek

To develop your architectural acumen, Archtec makes it simple to seek the industry through videos. This channel focuses on architecture videos and designs. They propose at least two videos every week.

20. Design studio

Specializing in architects, design and engineering, the channel offers a range of videos for aspiring professionals. You can subscribe to this channel and enjoy one video per month to develop your architectural skills.

21. Architecture summary India

Customers bring lovely homes to themselves through Architectural Digest India's official channel. And your focus as an architect is on seeing how complex the designs are built.

22. ARQUI9 visualization

For a promising career, every aspiring architect should check out the upcoming architectural visualization through the creations of the Arqui9 YouTube channel. Ultimately, it's an extension of their work processes and the way they implement designs.

23. Architectural technology

Subscribe to this channel for architectural videos and insights into this field. You can receive notifications from the videos posted here. The channel publishes a video every month on time.

24. WienerBerger India

The Wienerberger Group is the world's largest producer of clay bricks. Would you like to find out more about Green Building Solutions? Subscribe to their channel today!

25. Donations

It's the last one on the list. This channel is run by two TU Delft graduates who love nothing more than architecture vlogging!


You can subscribe to any of the above channels to develop your architectural acumen and expand your understanding of this industry through videos.

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