18 amazingly lovely solarium ideas for four seasons

Solarium design ideas

A solarium is a glazed terrace or veranda that offers comfort and well-being to enjoy fresh sunlight all year round. The purpose of the solarium is to obtain as much natural light as possible. This gives a feeling of being outdoors without leaving the comfort of your home, especially during the long winters.

Compared to a traditional winter garden, the architecture of a solarium has a more modern aesthetic. These structures have glass walls and typically a glass roof. Solariums are built over an existing house to give the feeling of being connected to nature. They can also have slightly different shapes depending on the glass style chosen for your project.

There are usually some window openings and tracks to accommodate shade and help isolate against changes in outside temperatures. You can also bring plants or even a small herb garden to enjoy nature during the four seasons. These structures also increase the habitable area of ​​your home and provide an attractive architectural element.

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Solarium design ideas food

1. Garden View Dining Solarium. This solarium is part of a townhouse with central air conditioning, heated French limestone floors and seating for intimate family dinners. It is used all year round to enjoy the private walled garden at any time of the year. (Over Lindsay architecture studio)

Solarium design ideas pantry

2. A pantry solarium. This pantry is large and narrow and is lit by natural light. The windows are made to measure by Bonelli Windows in San Francisco. Windows helps make this small area appear larger than it is. See the rest of this house here: Dramatic modern farmhouse offers wine country vacation. (through a.d.d. Concept + Design)

Solarium design ideas porch

3. Adding a solarium. A back porch has been converted into this light-flooded solarium. A balcony on the upper floor was integrated into the design. A wood stove has been added for heating. An integrated flowerbed brings the green into this fantastic space. The floor consists of 12 x 12 slate tiles. (Over Display group)

Solarium design ideas kitchen

Solarium design ideas kitchen dining corner

4. Kitchen with solarium. An additional solarium to the back porch just outside the kitchen of a Providence, Rhode Island home. There are built-in heating elements under each window to heat the room. The supplier is Town & Country Conservatory. (Over Baud maker)

Solarium Design Ideas-Dining Room Green

5. Luxury solarium. In a home in Greenwich, Connecticut, this lovely solarium is right outside the kitchen. Potted plants bring lush greenery to this area, while windows frame the view of nature. (Over Forbes)

Solarium design ideas dinette

6. Grocery corner. This bright dining area just outside the kitchen offers plenty of structural interest with its organic mix of leather, animal hide, metal, stone, and fabric. You can find Ibiza Banana Leaf Dining Chairs at: London factory. (Over Catherine Macfee interior design)

Solarium design ideas casual dining

7. Light-flooded dining room. Expansion of a 1920s Georgian resuscitation home in Montclair, New Jersey. This cozy dining solarium offers a view of the landscaped hilly landscape. (Over Oasis architecture)

Solarium greenhouse design

8. Solarium greenhouse. This bright solarium is simple in design and with a glass frame it looks twice as high as the green in the back yard of this house. (Over Solarium Montréal Inc.)

Solarium covered veranda design

9. Closed veranda. This indoor glass oasis, attached to the rear of this home, has a sleek seating area with a bar cart. In this area, plants can grow all year round. The furniture is from Restoration Hardware's La Jolla collection, while Sunbrella is used for cushions. (Over Dominick Tringali Architects)

Solarium design ideas dining room

10. Fill with glass. This all-glass solarium has a large dining area that is fun and feels like eating out. Overlooking a lake in Boise, Idaho, the accordion doors on either side of the dining area open for indoor and outdoor living during the summer months. (Over Martha O & # 39; Hara Interiors)

Solarium design ideas-four seasons-living room

11. Four seasons living room. To provide shade to the glass ceiling, the ceiling treatment is woven from wood and gives the room an organic feel. The blind man is called "Pinoleum". A fabric bamboo base from France. Made for double beveled glazing to hold it in place. It works with a pulley system and is stacked on the top rail of the windows. In the floors, the stone is a full-thickness ledge that is native to southern Pennsylvania. In this house for 80 years! The butterfly cushion on the chair is from Pottery Barn. This room is approximately 12 x 16. (( Conservator artisan)

Solarium design ideas indoor living room

12. Closed living room with lake view. This dreamy, light-filled room frames the view of Sunfish Lake in Minnesota. Plants make you feel part of nature. A rug over a brick floor will add warmth and texture to this room. It comes from Duomo Lighthouse's Restoration Hardware, which gives this area ambience. (Over Elsie Interiors)

Solarium design ideas living room

13. Glass roof rear extension. A home in Toronto, Canada has this warm and inviting glass-enclosed living area great for fun and relaxation. (Over Brenda Liu Photography Clemmensen & Associates)

Solarium design ideas luxury salon

14. Solarium Hall. Windows were added shortly after the house was built in the 1930s. It is custom made to fit in the stone arch. Couch and Zoya coffee table / ottoman by Randolph + Hein. Curtains are made to measure by Contempo Window Fashions. Instead of using curtains, they are attached to the ceiling with fabric covers, which makes them decorative side walls. The full curtain cannot be operated. The light comes from Noir Furniture. (Over CASA | WASY interior design)

Solarium design ideas living room

15. "The Great Gatsby". This pavilion is a home in San Jose, California and is prefabricated. Cut black absolute granite and white marble give this room the "Great Gatsby" look. The chaise longue was an existing piece that was recycled with fabric for both indoor and outdoor use. The chairs were special and had both inside and outside fabrics. (Over Take JoJo back)

Solarium Design Ideas-Outdoor Dining

16. Alfresco Dining Solarium. A terrace area outside the garage has been converted into this solarium. This magical open space with all these windows and glowing lights looks like a fairy tale. (Over @CaptainSchools)

Solarium design ideas dining room

17. Tropical Food Corner. This area has an incredible architectural ceiling detail. Brick floors give this luxurious space a relaxed feel. (Over Virtual studio innovations)

attached solarium greenhouse

18. Attached greenhouse solarium. A romantic mansion in England features this plant-filled space furnished with iron cafeteria chairs, a table, and a sofa. This lovely area has a neoclassical design. (Over Architectural summary)

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