10 beauty products to forget about dark circles

Dark circles have always been a part of me since I was a girl, everyone asks me, aren't you sleeping? If you suffer from these problems too, read on. By Mariana Morales.

5 daily treatments to remove dark circles and bags under the eyes

10 beauty products for dark circles

Dermaso Rejuvenating eye contour from 1 Avené

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Super Moisturizer with Metal Applicator helps fight sagging and strengthens cells that help maintain skin volume, avoids crow's feet, while other benefits conclude reducing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. SAN PABLO PHARMACY.

10 beauty products

2 water-soaked hyaluron cloud hydra gel eye patches by Peter

Thomas Roth

These are some eye patches that are awesome! They help keep the skin very hydrated and instantly add to the appearance of fine lines, crow's feet and dark circles.

10 beauty products

3 jade roller

The roller is one of the top allies. The use of these tools originated in China in the 6th century and is great for reducing swelling, improving blood circulation, promoting skin elasticity, promoting lymphatic drainage, and most importantly, reducing the appearance of fine lines. Using cold gives you more benefits in eliminating dark circles!

10 beauty products

4 eye contour wax repair cream

Speaking of creams and moisturizers, this helps a lot in the eye area, especially moisturizes the eye area, reduces dark circles and bags under the eyes, which leads to more skin. "Bright" and soft. Remember, hydration is essential to fighting wrinkles.

10 beauty products

5 Advanced Night Repair concentrates for the eye area

As the name suggests, it is used at night while the cells regenerate and you detect changes the next morning. At night, this eye area gives you instant moisture, but among its benefits, it helps you wake up with a rested look. , dark circles and around the eyes as well as damage from pollution and even blue rays to your cell phone.

10 beauty products

6 Banana Brigth eye cream, Ole Henriksen

The shine is the top that this cream has and the benefits it offers as it helps with fine lines and wrinkles and helps correct the color of the eye contour instantly without leaving it aside.

10 beauty products

7 Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a tool known for its properties as it hardens, rejuvenates and cleanses. It works top for treating wrinkles (including crow's feet) and reducing bags, especially dark circles.

10 beauty products

8 Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream by Fresh

If you are younger but want to take care of yourself I promise this is your choice. This eye cream is great for the first signs of aging, unless you use it you'll see how it increases the brightness of the eye area, minimizes puffiness, and softens the appearance of fine lines.

10 beauty products

9 Olhos Pep-Start-Clinique Moisturizing Cream

If you are one of those people who runs constantly, I promise that this area around your eyes will commute your life. Not only does it help moisturize and lighten the moment you wear it, but its formula also helps you combat the visible effects of a busy life.

10 beauty products

10 Bye Bye Under Eye Eye Cream – It Cosmetics

This eye contour cream simply gives us the solution we were looking for because it reduces fine expression lines and helps dark circles, as the name suggests: Say goodbye to tired eyes.

10 beauty products

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