20+ cool backyard greenhouse ideas for gardening enthusiasts

wonderful backyard greenhouse design ideas

If you are in love with plants and flowers, why not create an inspiring greenhouse structure in your own garden? Greenhouses propose a range of creative ideas, from a growing area to your own indoor and outdoor living room. It can also be an eye-catching focal point in the back yard, a place to hide your plants and relax in a tropical oasis.

Enjoy your greenhouse all year round by adding a cozy corner. This backyard greenhouse sits right next to your outdoor gardens with the added profit of a flower shed. It can also provide you with a garden paradise and light therapy – especially in the long winters.

Greenhouses create a microclimate in which you can grow plants, herbs and vegetables regardless of the external elements. These interior structures can be made as DIY or custom sized to make your space fit your garden perfectly. Get some great guides on building your own garden below!

Tell us: Which of these backyard greenhouse ideas inspired you the most and why in the comments below!

Cape Cod greenhouse exterior

1. Cape Cod Greenhouse. This lovely glass and steel greenhouse with a stone foundation is surrounded by potted plants and lush greenery. (Over BC greenhouse manufacturer)

large greenhouse interior

2. Large greenhouse area. This steel-framed, 320-square-foot greenhouse can withstand heavy, wet spring snow, as well as hail and high winds. A concrete foundation is covered with a gravel floor. This space offers the opportunity to grow both horizontally and vertically while providing enough space to sit, relax and enjoy the greenhouse. (Via CSI Hobby Greenhouses)

Greenhouse with hanging plants

3. Greenhouse with hanging plants. This greenhouse features hanging baskets of lush vegetation and a raised bed with a fountain. Stone floor for durability and low maintenance. There is also a sink for watering. (Over BC greenhouse manufacturer)

English garden greenhouse porch exterior

English garden greenhouse hut

4. English Garden Greenhouse Shack. The overhead shelves are equipped with growing lights to add natural light for year-round plant growth. Slatted frames allow water to flow onto the brick floor. Hoses make irrigation systems child's play. This greenhouse has a brick foundation outside. (Over Karen Aitken and partners)

contemporary greenhouse hut

contemporary greenhouse porch entrance doors

5. Contemporary greenhouse hut. This lovely greenhouse has been specially built to provide plenty of natural light for growing plants indoors. Beautiful gardens surround this summer greenhouse in Seattle, Washington. (Over Architectural glass / Greg Carman)

Vegetable garden greenhouse

6. Vegetable garden greenhouse. A double-walled polycarbonate greenhouse with raised beds made of corrugated iron. A really efficient greenhouse! (Over BC greenhouse manufacturer)

Garden greenhouse and non-spa

Garden greenhouse

Garden greenhouse entrance

Garden greenhouse

Garden greenhouse with spa

7. Garden room with spa and greenhouse. The greenhouse is connected to a garden room with a spa. In the greenhouse, vegetables and flowers commence in spring, while tropical plants grow in winter. A plexiglass roof connects the greenhouse with the heated garden room. Plastic benches anchored with concrete blocks form a simple bench system. Wire cabinet shelves provide additional space for plants. A 3/8 pea stone floor with a drain pipe underneath will keep the soil dry. (Over Garden Tech Gardening Services)

Seren solarium

8. Greenhouse solarium. Raised beds with different rows surround a small seating area ideal for relaxing or even working from home! Fans keep the room cool. (Over Meridian Estate greenhouses)


Greenhouse life

9. Greenhouse life in the back yard. This industrial style greenhouse is custom built and measures 60 "by 20" or 1200 square feet. The interior of the greenhouse makes it a great place for entertainment or relaxation. (Over Groundswell Design Group)

Greenhouse canopy

10. Greenhouse shed roof. A unique, independent slope to capture the maximum amount of sunlight available throughout the day. (Over BC greenhouse manufacturer)

recycled greenhouse exterior

Entrance to the recycled greenhouse

11. Recycled greenhouse. A damaged post barn has been converted into a versatile greenhouse. The mismatched window parts that did not match determined the structure of the greenhouse. On the floors are reclaimed bricks from a turn-of-the-century chimney that came from a neighboring farmhouse. (Over Sarah Greenman)

Glass house in the garden

Glass house in the garden with a green roof

12. Glass house in the garden. This modern greenhouse has a partition (with a gas fireplace on the opposite side) that separates a seating area from the greenhouse. One side has a polished concrete floor while the greenhouse side is made of pebbles. The frame is made of painted steel with sliding glass doors made of aluminum. A glass roof covers the greenhouse, while the other side has a green roof with natural grass. (Over Flavin architecture)

Greenhouse shed

13. A greenhouse hut. A rustic greenhouse addition with wooden grooves for plants. Potted plants line the window for extra sunlight. (Over step3studio)


14. A "green" greenhouse. A handmade aluminum greenhouse. The color of the greenhouse mixes with its surroundings. A central entrance hall has double doors for simple access. The interior offers enough space for different growing areas. (Over Hartley Botanical)

rustic greenhouse hideaway

15. The magical hiding greenhouse. A kind rustic greenhouse made of wood and glass. (Over Metrofolia Inc. general contractor)

English greenhouse

English greenhouse

16. English greenhouse. This lovely greenhouse in Greenwich, Connecticut has numerous hanging baskets and shelves filled with potted plants. (Over Hartley Botanical)

Garden greenhouse

17. Garden greenhouse. A city farm in Austin, Texas has this small greenhouse next to a large yard with beds and walkways. Standard 1/2 "PVC tubing was used to make inexpensive garden discs to protect the plants from direct sunlight. (Via B. Jane Gardens)

Pot shed greenhouse

18. Pottery Hut Greenhouse. It can also be used as a greenhouse, as a greenhouse. These conclude hanging baskets that take advantage of the continuous sunlight from the glass ceiling. Wooden floors are used for a long life. (Over Affinity builder)

Summer greenhouse

19. Country house greenhouse. A greenhouse in Denmark provides the framework for a comfortable outdoor area with Olano Solseng loungers made of untreated natural rattan. ILVA. Plants and vegetables grow in this indoor and outdoor area, which is also used as a comfortable corner all year round. (Over Bolig Magasinet)

cozy DIY greenhouse

20. Convenient DIY greenhouse. This lovely greenhouse took seven months to complete. This area is teeming with lush vegetation. A magical place between trees that brings joy, reflection and healing. One Boho fringed hammock It's an idyllic place to unwind for an afternoon siesta. (Over Vaughn House greenhouse)

Greenhouse Conservatory

21. Greenhouse Conservatory. This fabulous greenhouse is the great place for inspiration, like a place to paint and listen to music, surrounded by lovely flowers and sunlight. The large-leaved plant that hangs in the corner of this area gives it a tropical feel. (Over @abacan)

Greenhouse and raised beds

22. Greenhouse and raised beds. This 8 & # 39; x12 & # 39; private double glazed greenhouse with entrance hall is so inviting and provides a lovely anchor in this Pacific Northwest garden. Planters for outdoor vegetable gardens add to the overall feel of this lovely garden area. (Over BC greenhouse manufacturer)

attached greenhouse

23. Attached greenhouse. An ancient barn in Philadelphia has been converted into an indoor and outdoor entertainment middle with a greenhouse in the outbuilding. (Over Worldwide stereo system)

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