Decoration ideas with wooden accessories bring warmth

Is there anything that brings more warmth than the fireplace in the living room? If you don't have one at home, create one. Interior designer Gabriela Conde proposes this decorative model with natural pine boards. Before a white primed terminate, it also provides shine. Gabriela decorated the shelf with a canvas and some flowers that bring the room to life.

We love using parts as they were created. These wooden cutting boards came from the kitchen and were placed on the coffee table in the living room. as a decorative detail. What a kind boost for tea time!

Abstract art literally enters the room. What is needed in this picture is a large painting with dark brush strokes light wooden frame – in beech or pine wood – to counteract this. He leaned on the floor, presided over the dining table, and stood as an absolute hero. Choose light woods, beech or pine. Don't overlook the bamboo dishes that add warmth and sustainability to the table.

Cabin houses are the ones that top give that warm feeling to the environment: wooden beams and wood panels are unique for insulation. Prefer in rustic surroundings noble and ancient forests, such as in teak or oak.

The flower pot holder, the window joinery, a mirror frame made of natural wood … are the accessories that transfer heat into the bathroom. The interior designer added and selected a decorative bamboo staircase that everyone used as a towel rail. Textiles in earthy colors to further emphasize these feelings.

Wooden trays provide a lot of play in the living room. you are unique Keep order While they gather on the coffee table, in decorative items that would otherwise be spread out on the table. Interior designer Pablo González added a couple of vases and a candle to this tray. However, take a look at the materials chosen: white ceramics and glass that capture light and give off heat.

In many kitchens, cutting boards are also used as a decorative element and are displayed outrageously on the counter or hung on the wall. It accompanies the painting Gold objects The brightness of a place that has gained warmth over the years.

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