3 tips to follow before buying clothes

Before you go shopping for clothes, there are some tips we should think about to help you shop intelligently and sustainably.

Sustainable or sustainable fashion is increasingly used as we are all more aware of the serious environmental impact of our clothing. Remember that the fashion industry is very harmful to the environment and is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions.

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Sustainability in fashion means clothing that is made and consumed in a way that protects both the environment and those who make the clothing. To reduce CO2 emissions, fight overproduction, reduce pollution and waste, promote biodiversity and ensure that textile workers receive fair wages and secure working conditions.

3 tips to follow before buying clothes

  1. Fewer

Did you cognize that more than 100 billion pieces of clothing are made every year? When looking to buy a garment, the following questions should always be asked: What are you buying and why? Do you really need it? Are you going to use it at least 30 times? And when you commence to doubt something, think about it because you don't need it.

2. Invest in sustainable brands

One of the brands that has become sustainable HUNGRY. Every year it launches its "Wear the Commute" collection, which is made from fibers such as organic cotton and sustainable viscose. Jeans recycled polyester glasses, vegan leather accessories and other more sustainable materials that save 60% water when washing. Also t-shirts and Jeans trust Cradle-Cradle Certified ™This is a circular economy-based standard that takes into account the most important aspects behind every product: material health, responsible water use, use of renewable energies in manufacturing, design and working conditions for the reuse of materials in the production chain.

Question 3

Textile workers around the world are faced with difficult prospects. It is important that the people who make our garments have fair wages and secure working conditions. Look for brands that clearly provide information about their factories and their policies regarding wages and working conditions.

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