How To Cook Sugared Peas (3 Types)

This post will show you how to cook sugared peas using three different cooking methods. It's simple, tasty, and cooked in less than 10 minutes!

If you focus on the main course, it can be simple to forget about a vegetable side dish. I love having fast side dish recipes in my back pocket. Green beans sautéed with garlic butter or this 3 broccolini recipes. Sweet peas also make surprisingly delicious side dishes!

How to cook sugared peas - Three bowls of sesame peas with garlic, grilled peas with feta and mint, and roasted peas with parmesan.

Sweet peas are usually served raw, but they are also very well cooked. If you cook these lightly, the crunch factor will be retained but the flavors and sweetness will be enhanced.

The three recipes in this post make a simple but elegant side dish. I could see them serving them as an Easter meal, at a barbecue, or at a casual dinner party.

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Reasons to find a ♡ with these recipes

  • cooked in less than 10 minutes with simple ingredients
  • Offers a whole modern way to enjoy sugar peas
  • tastes great!

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Check out the video below to see how to cook sweet peas! You can find more in my recipe videos. Youtube channel.

Types of peas to use

Hand holding walkie talkie sugar sack of peas

Sweet peas are great for these recipes because they have edible skins and are full and juicy. We bought Mann's peas; If you grow them in your garden, they will work great too!

  • snowflakes– While their peels are edible, they don't work well with these recipes because they are thinner
  • English peas Broad beans cannot be consumed, so they should not be used

Grilled peas

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