6 tips for achieving simple smokey eyes

Smoky eyes It's one of the most popular makeup looks for a date, party, night on the town, or any other special occasion. They are very dark and dramatic and are generally not used as part of the everyday look.


Smokey eyes are a great makeup trick to keep in your back pocket if you're looking for a sophisticated look to add to a chic outfit. However, it can be difficult to master smoky eyes without looking gothic or like a raccoon going wrong. Fortunately, there are a few tips you can use to obtain simple smoky eyes that look great without spending hours on your vanity. Look at her 14 pretty pink smokey eye makeup looks.

1. Recognize the light-dark color gradient



One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to achieve a smoky look is smearing dark eyeshadow over their lids. While the finished product looks dark and noticeable to a smoky eye, that doesn't mean applying black and dark gray eyeshadow to your eyelid is the way to go. In fact, most successful smokey eye applications involve lighter shadows.

The top thing to remember when trying to look with a smoky eye is that the colors should obtain lighter and darker horizontally in the inner corner of your eye as you fade out towards your lash line. Vertically, your eyeshadow colors should obtain lighter as they blend up to meet your forehead bone and darken in your eye crease.

An simple way to ensure that you are applying the correct eyeshadow to the correct areas of your eyelid is to part the eyelid horizontally, starting at the inner corner of your eyelid and starting vertically at the crease of your eyelid. Choose from three different eyeshadows. Apply the lightest shade to the horizontal third of your eyelid that is closest to the inner corner of your eye and the vertical third that is closest to your frontal bone. Wipe the middle eyeshadow into the middle horizontal third and vertical third section between your browbone and your crease. Finally, apply the darkest eye shadow color to the closest horizontal third and the most vertical third on the outer edge of the eye to complete the smoky look.

2. Use the correct brushes


With the right brushes, you can make or break your great smoky eye. Use an eyeshadow sponge applicator or round brush to apply the lighter and medium eyeshadow colors to the respective areas on your eyelid.

However, always use an angled brush when applying the darkest eye shadow to your crease and the outside edge of your eyes. Applying dark eyeshadow with an angled brush gives you more control over where the eyeshadow goes and keeps the eyeshadow in place.

The angled brush also creates a more intense, pigmented look over the eyeshadow and prevents darker eyeshadow from getting on your cheeks or other parts of your eyelid that could spoil the look. Using a round brush or sponge applicator to apply a darker eyeshadow makes it harder for you to control where the eyeshadow is going, resulting in a messy look. HE IS 10 top makeup brushes that you can't miss.

3. Don't forget to merge


Proper mix is ​​key to successful Smokey Eye use. If you use the tip above and apply different colors of eyeshadow to separate a third of your eyes and don't mix the eyeshadow enough, you will end up with a choppy look that can't obtain the sophisticated and sultry look you want. Smoky eyes.

After applying the different colors of eyeshadow to your eyelid, use a larger round eyeshadow brush to blend it. Rotate the brush in a circular motion between the different colors of eyeshadow you've applied to blend the colors together for a smooth, balanced look.

Make sure you rotate the brush with a light touch and don't press too difficult while mixing to avoid smudging the colors and creating a blurry look.

4. Smoky Black is not the same


When most people think of a classic smokey eye look, they think of dark gray and black. However, smoky eyes don't need to have black or dark gray eyeshadow and can be achieved with a variety of shades. In fact, for beginners in the field of smokey eye application, applying a successful black and gray smokey eye can be extremely difficult, and it can look very sharp and dark.

If this is your first time experimenting with smoky eyes, try a different color family instead. Brown and blue are common colors for smoky eyes that are great for beginners. Make sure you only have three shades: light, almost white, medium, and dark. Using a color family other than black gives you a classic smokey eye look that has a slightly unique twist and is easier to apply without looking too harsh or violent.

5. Choose colors that complement you



As mentioned above, smokey eye looks aren't limited to any particular color family. You can try different shades of each color to create lovely smoky eyes. However, it is helpful to select colors that complement your personal eye color in order to achieve the top smokey eye look possible. If you have green eyes, mix and match different shades of purple for a smoky plum eye. Golden and brown tones are top for blue-eyed beauties. If you have brown eyes, try different shades of blue or marine to bring out a subtle color in your eyes.

For top results, try to select colors that complement your skin tone and eye color. If your skin is too light, avoid overly dark colors to keep your eyes from looking too harsh and dramatic. Also, avoid very light colors. A smokey eye look is dramatic enough without adding a neon pink or shimmer to the mix.

6. Don't forget to set it


It is always important to adjust eye makeup to increase its longevity and keep it looking fresh throughout the day. Eye makeup needs to be fixed and sealed onto your skin, just like foundation and other facial makeup. However, because smokey eye looks are a lot of different colors and are so dark and dramatic, they wrinkle easily and are very noticeable when they commence to fade or separate. It can be very frustrating when you successfully obtain a kind smoky eye and commence wrinkling or melting after just a few hours. ((The 5 Best Fixing Sprays That Really Work)

To avoid this from happening, don't forget to apply different smoky eye colors and match your look with powder once you've mixed them together. Use a large round brush to sprinkle translucent, compressed setting powder over your entire eyelid. The powder is invisibly dusty and will keep your smoky eyes fresh for a few hours. Make sure you dust the powder lightly to avoid smudging or other diffusion of the eyeshadow you just applied. A high-quality, invisible press powder to try out, Urban Decay De-Slick matting powder ($ 32.00).

If you don't want to use setting powder, you can also spray a setting spray directly on your closed eyelids to lock the eyeshadow in place and avoid it from wrinkling or fading too quickly. An excellent and effective setting spray, Urban Decay All Nighter Long-lasting makeup setting spray.

You don't have to be disappointed in trying to make this happen Smoky eyes. Applying smokey eye makeup should be fun and exciting, not disappointing and daunting. With the simple tips outlined above, you can easily and quickly create a smokey eye look that will make you feel confident, sophisticated, and sexy.

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