Sergeant Pepper Spiced Cocktail – Sugar and Charm

If you love spicy cocktails, this sergeant pepper cocktail is for you! Jalapeno is made from brewed tequila, cucumber juice, and agave. It has the great balance between spicy and refreshing and is great for all occasions.

Spicy green cocktail with cucumber and jalapeno

We prepared this cocktail for New Years Eve because we wanted it to steal something spicy and refreshing in the New Year! There were a few as they were very simple to slurp! Sergeant Pepper is great for any occasion as it refreshes with cucumber juice and has a good flavorful balance.

With a small prep you can set up the ingredients and simply pour and shake when you're alert to serve.

Sargent pepper green spicy cocktail with cucumber and jalapeno tequila

How do you make our Sergeant Pepper Spicy Cocktail?

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