5 products with honey for 100% natural skin care

Honey is one of the wonders of the beauty world, an ingredient that makes your skin moist, soft, and less expressive at first. That is why we met with the Abeja Reyna brand, which has good beekeeping practices and fair trade certification. So your products are not only 100% natural, they also help and take care of the most important creatures in the world: the bees.

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5 products with honey for great skin!

1 spray rose

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Abeja Reyna has 40+ products to create a 100% natural skin care product (there is also a nutrition and wellness line available) like rose spray that acts as a natural tonic that you can apply after your bath before you bathe. To clean makeup or face.

2 Royal Elixir

This product is great, a few drops of this oil will keep your face moist day and night and it works for all skin types. It is made from natural ingredients like honey, passion flower oil, wildflower, royal jelly and hyaluronic acid. It will abandon your skin like a baby.

3 body cream

Abeja Reyna has four types of body creams, but one of the most complete and sought-after is honey and carrot cream. It does not make the skin oily, contains natural carrot extract and zinc oxide, which protects it from sunlight. Thanks to him, you will always obtain a great tan too.

4 shampoo

There are two types of shampoos, but both are paraben-free. Our favorite is chamomile, olive oil, and royal jelly. This way you will obtain damp hair with repaired, broken ends without dryness and avoid hair loss as well. Best of all, you can refill your Abeja Reyna shampoo to avoid too much plastic.

5 conditioners

To complement the products made from 100% natural and organic Guadalajara honey, the brand's conditioner with rose petals, chia extract, oats and honey can be applied to your hair beautifully, without frizz and even as a combing cream for added texture.

Learn more about this brand and give your body the care it needs. You can find all 40 products under: next link.

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