50+ stylish decorative vases for the home you love

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Today, decorative vases are not just reserved for fresh flowers, they belong on our shelves, tables and even in the corners of our room. The right vase can instantly enlarge your space, sometimes even more than inside.

That's why today we share our favorite vases for every type of home: there are always classic ginger glasses, uniquely minimalist vases, vintage vases that are great for a farmhouse aesthetic, white vases for a clean and lively space, and black vases that add up. Depth and drama.

All of these stylish vases are relatively affordable. So if you need a mid-range or shelf decor, check out our picks below!

Best decorative vases for a stylish home

The best unique minimalist vases

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  1. Short stacking planter
  2. Leggy Lady Vase
  3. Feminine shape vase
  4. Double Dutch vase
  5. Turner U-shaped vase
  6. Woven grass vase
  7. San Luis terracotta vase
  8. White muffin vase
  9. Stone flower pot

The cheapest old vases

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  1. Handmade weathered terracotta vase
  2. Artisan vase / XL jug
  3. Pampas grass artisan pottery
  4. Brown weathered pitcher vase
  5. Beige casserole ceramic vase
  6. Farmhouse ceramic flower vase with cope with
  7. Weathered white ceramic hari vase
  8. Decorative terracotta jug
  9. Taline vase
  10. Emilia vase
  11. White Salton vase
  12. Lilloo marble vase

The cheapest minimalist white vases

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  1. Colora porcelain table vase
  2. Geometric white vase
  3. Pure white ceramic vase in raindrops
  4. Pure white ceramic vase in a ball
  5. White Salton vase
  6. Matte terracotta vase
  7. Farmhouse ceramic flower vase with cope with
  8. White terracotta vase
  9. Porcelain urn vase
  10. Celia Geometric Vase
  11. Spotted white cylinder vase
  12. White stone vase

The cheapest blue and white ginger glasses

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  1. Gillsville 11 inch porcelain ginger jar
  2. Peony and Hummingbird Ceramic Lid Ginger Jar
  3. W Home Large gingerbread jar (Super cheap!)
  4. Blue and white ginger jar with lid, 12 12 urn
  5. Aline Lidded Jar from A&B Home
  6. Flower ginger jar with lid
  7. Golden detailed ginger jar
  8. Ginger jar with lid, 16 "urn
  9. Blue Mix porcelain glass from Bungalow Rose
  10. Blue flower ginger jar with lid
  11. Decorative jar with a stone ginger lid
  12. A & B Home Blue and White Porcelain Glass

The best minimalist and decorative black vases

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  1. Large Acadia vase
  2. Pure black ceramic in the pot
  3. Kanisha vase
  4. Orren Ellis Micco metal vase
  5. Joshua vase
  6. Pure black ceramic in large raindrops
  7. Bloomsbury market vase with a leather design
  8. Merriman Black Vase
  9. Transparent glass mini vase
  10. Relief black glazed ceramic vase
  11. Latitude Run metal vase
  12. Matte terracotta vase

Hope you found just the right vase for your bedroom and living room! If you're hungry for more finds and home decor ideas, don't forget to check out our other latest discoveries below!

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