5 things to commute in your spring facial routine

Problems like acne, dehydration, tight skin, atopic rash are increasing; All of this, in large part due to the stress, anxiety, and tightness around the world, it's important to have a beauty routine to keep your skin secure this summer.

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To help you, the 100% Mexican luxury cosmetic brand AgaveSpa, whose main ingredient is the ancestral blue agave with its healing properties, shares 5 things to conclude in your spring routine.

Text: Agave Spa.

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5 steps to your spring facial routine

1 double facial cleansing routine

During the winter, the skin dries up from the cold, and when added to the lack of cleansing, it causes a rough and dull skin with the accumulation of sebum and dead cells in the spring. To counteract this and to maintain smooth and fresh skin, a facial cleansing routine should be performed twice a day. This is a beauty ritual performed by oriental women who devote half an hour in the morning and in the evening to cleaning and caring for their faces. Perhaps this is the secret to her white and fair skin.

Do 2 peels every two weeks

Exfoliating the skin is one of the most important tasks to enjoy environmentally friendly and healthy skin. The effects of the sun and pollution make it necessary to exfoliate the skin. Otherwise, there is a risk of too much dirt building up and the skin looking dry and dull. .

In addition to removing dead cells, peeling has great benefits as it helps remove skin marks and provide them with oxygen. It also improves its texture, making it smooth and even; In addition, the treatment products can penetrate the skin better and function better.

3 sun protection

It is always important to protect the skin from sunlight. However, since the skin is not exposed to natural light for weeks, it is all the more important to take additional precautions against UV damage with a good sunscreen with SPF 30. or more than reduce the risk of skin cancer, aging and sunburn.

Not only is it important to use sunscreen while on vacation, but you should also take care of your skin indoors, as working behind the computer or using a smartphone also affects the skin with infrared rays.

It is widely believed that sun protection is only needed on a sunny day, but not. UVA rays are the most worrying as they can penetrate through clouds and windows that penetrate deep into the skin and reach the dermis. The second layer of skin causes irreversible damage to the face and body.

4 body cleansing routine

Because bar soaps contain high levels of alkalinity and can dry out the skin, it is important to use body soaps that are moisturizing and contain antioxidants that protect the skin's integrity from the famous free radicals.

5 hydration for the face and body

In order to end this incredible routine, it is important to provide moisturizing agents that allow the skin to maintain adequate hydration.

Moisturizer should have Any time of the year and more in the spring-summer season as the dermis tends to produce more sebum. However, it is important to cognize that the same products should not be used year round if you want to obtain the maximum profit. While heavy creams are recommended to be used in winter, it is top to opt for lighter cosmetics in warmer weather.

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