Home decor – tips on choosing crystal chandeliers

Home lighting is an exciting yet challenging project. The alternatives available are too many to blend into the space. However, you need to do your research as there are many lighting options available.

Home decor - tips on choosing crystal chandeliers

First, consider the room where you plan to install the chandelier. You can even create a room decoration around the light fixture if you select a particularly cute display. For example, if the chandelier has vintage-inspired wood in it, add these wood-like dining room chairs. If the chosen chandelier is made of brass, add brass elements, including a picture frame, candle holder, or decorative sculptures.

Crystal chandeliers are lovely and you should check out the modern raindrop Crystal chandelier Collection on sofary.com. With a range of eye-catching and elegant crystal chandeliers suitable for kitchen and dining room, bedroom, living room, staircase, hallway and bathroom.

Sofary wants to propose its customers the luxury of decorating their homes with luxury crystal chandeliers so that the prices are affordable. You work directly with artisans and therefore have no middlemen. Because of this, customers may prefer chandeliers that are difficult to buy because of their high price.

Please note the following before you buy

Crystal chandeliers are lights that carry a series of light bulbs and hang from the ceiling. You can find it in different sizes, shapes and materials. When buying chandeliers, select the rooms that you want to install so that you can buy a suitable room. The next step is to measure the area to be installed. Even determine the length and width of the room to determine the size of the chandeliers.

Choose the right chandelier for the room

The chandelier you select should have a certain feel to it. Room elegance. For example, crystal chandeliers in mirrored halls (Versailles) will look totally whimsical, but if the room is bold, the lights from the crystals will complement the room nicely. When looking for chandeliers, consider the materials and shades that will be highlighted in the room. You can even seek for a light fitting that suits your needs.

If you want your home to look simple or traditional, select classic and simple chandeliers. It will give space an ancient look. For a stylish look, you can select a modern crystal chandelier or a three tier round crystal chandelier.

If the room is large, select two small chandeliers and place them on either side instead of a large one in the middle. one looks ideal and elegant in the room.

Assemble the chandelier perfectly

Chandeliers are used in bedrooms, dining rooms, foyers, entrances, etc. It looks classic. The placement chosen for the placement of the chandelier should be ideal. It needs attention. If you prefer a classic, hang the chandelier in the middle over the surface of the dining table. For unexpected contours, you can hang it a small off-middle.

Depending on where you want to install the chandelier, there are a few rules you should follow. When hanging the chandelier on the dining table, hang it 30 to 36 inches above the table surface. Another rule to keep in mind is: the higher the cell, the higher the chandelier. If necessary, chains will help shorten and lengthen. Entrance ceiling for 10 feet, chandeliers under 7 feet and not under.

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