The top shelf decor styling elements to create an Instagram worthy space

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Today we're sharing some of our latest shelf decor items that will look great in any living room or bedroom. Bookshelves are no longer just for books – stylish shelves are usually filled with small items of furniture, such as furniture. CandlesVases, frames and small ornaments.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with using shelves for storage, but you should keep your items in woven baskets, such as baskets. B .: this and this to store bulky items or this for small ornaments. This way, the eyes see less clutter, which can have therapeutic effects on your mind.

With that in mind, below are some of my favorite shelf decors to brighten up your space.

Stylish shelf decor ideas for living rooms and bedrooms

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  1. Honeycomb vase
  2. Wavy vase
  3. Ceramic vase
  1. Plant portrait art print
  2. Tabitha ark mirror
  3. Gray poster


  1. Bronze knot
  2. Brass knot
  3. Tone knot


  1. Decorative terracotta cross bowl
  2. Small bowl of fruit
  3. Black handmade terracotta bowl

Of course, this list is not complete – beautifully decorative on a good shelf too Candles, Coffee table books and even fake plants or Pampas grass. We'll add more ideas as soon as we find them! In the meantime, check out our other home decor posts below or pin this post on Pinterest!

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