Chopped chicken breast in an instant pot

This multipurpose instant pot chicken breast comes out juicy and tasty every time. Enjoy it as is or use it in other recipes throughout the week!

Once you master the basics of cooking, you can obtain in and out of the kitchen quickly and efficiently. Share after all Instant Pot Chicken LegsIt's time to share this shredded chicken breast recipe with you!

Close up of the grated chicken in the finished pot

This is the kind of recipe to enjoy when written or used as a basis for many other dinners during the week. Tacos, pizza, enchiladas, takeaways, and even chicken sandwiches work great!

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Reasons you might arrive across this recipe

  • You can cook chicken breasts fresh or frozen
  • You can serve shredded or sliced ​​chicken
  • can be tasted right away or used in other recipes (shops really good!)

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Check out the video below to see exactly how to cook this recipe! You can find more in my recipe videos. Youtube channel.

Content notes

Essential ingredients for instantly shredded chicken
  • Chicken- This recipe, as written, calls for boneless and skinless chicken breasts. However, you can also use boneless and skinless chicken legs (increase the cooking time to 10 minutes). See Ready cookware whole chicken if you have a whole chicken.
  • Cooking liquid Using chicken broth will add extra flavor to the chicken when it is cooked. You can use homemade bone broth Next to the!
  • Spice up- Thyme, red pepper, onion powder, and salt add flavor to the chicken breast meat as it cooks.

Step by step instructions

Uncooked chicken breast with liquid and spices in the finished pot

1. Merge- Mix the broth, thyme, red pepper, onion powder and salt in the stainless steel insert of your instant pot. Add the chicken breast and turn it into crust.

Instant Pot with 8 minutes on the timer

2. The pressure cooker Place the lid on your pressure cooker and make sure the steam limiting valve is set to the "seal" position. Pressure cooker at high pressure for 10 minutes. When the cook cycle is complete, do a fast depressurization: gently push the steam release lever to the "deflate" position. Stay away from the valve!

Top view of the chicken breast cooked in liquid form in the finished pot

3. Chop up the chicken- Using tongs, transfer the cooked chicken to a clean bowl. Use two forks to separate the chicken or two electric hand mixer (he can do it in seconds!).

grated chicken in the finished pot

4. Throw in the cooking liquid After chopping the chicken, you can pour the cooking liquid over the chicken or put the chopped chicken back into the instant pot and mix.


Can i use frozen chicken breasts?

Yes! I only recommend using frozen chicken breasts (not in bulk) as these cook much more evenly. If you've frozen chicken breast, set the cooking time to 12 minutes. If they are on a pile, cook for 5 minutes, then quickly release the pressure, separate them and continue cooking. You may need to increase the cooking time to 15 minutes (total cooking time).

Can I Slice an Instant Pot Chicken?

Yes, you definitely can! It's important to let your chicken sit on a cutting board for at least 5 minutes before slicing, as this will cause any juices to set in the meat.

Can I increase the batch size? Stack the Chicken?

Yes you can, you can keep the cooking time the same. You really don't want to overcook your chicken breast. After releasing the pressure, check that your chicken breast has reached 165 ° F internally before shredding.

If you have to carry them a small longer, your pot will be under pressure again quickly!

Cutting versus chopping

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