Best Sugar Free Easter Basket Ideas For Kids Who Are Going To Love Them

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If you're looking for last minute Easter basket ideas for kids, with or without chocolate themed, we're here for you! These fun and practical, sugar-free Easter basket filling ideas are good for your kids' creativity and pocket-friendly.

Easter is a very good time of year that symbolizes the rebirth of nature, the arrival of spring and warm weather, and time with family and loved ones. If you have young children, you are probably used to doing crafts, egg hunting, and other fun activities with your small ones that usually involve eating a lot of chocolate.

Easter baskets are usually filled to the brim with sweets and chocolate. However, if you want to be more careful and avoid the sugar from rising this year, skip the chocolate-filled Easter baskets and give your kids something that will last a small longer. Below are some of our favorite toddler, child, and baby ideas that can drive you crazy!

Best sugar-free Easter basket ideas for kids

Best sugar-free Easter basket ideas for kids, toddlers and babies

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  1. Beet rabbit doll | Hugging in bed is great.
  2. Bunny Roo, I love you children's book | It is a story about all kinds of parent animals, who take care of their small ones and give their babies and toddlers everywhere confidence that their parents will always love and protect them.
  3. L.O.L. Surprise! Lil's series 2 with small pets | Cute collectibles from Lil that arrive with a genuine hair curler – kids' darling!
  4. Crayola washable sidewalk chalk | A must for warm spring and summer days!
  5. Rainbow tunnel toys | Stackable mini puzzle for your kids to develop match, color recognition and skills.
  6. Yellow sun protection tank set | Just in time for the beach season.
  7. Bling2o // Good vibes glasses | Stylish swimming goggles with rainbow motifs.
  8. Tubby Todd bath bomb pack | For more fun while bathing!
  9. Sing Along Pro bluetooth karaoke microphone and speaker | If your kid loves to sing this is a hit!
  10. Twin strap slides | Affordable slides for warmer weather.
  11. Drinking bottle | Spring theme and fun size!
  12. Reversible bucket hat | For more sun protection.

Hope you found some useful ideas to add to your kids' Easter basket! Let us cognize below if you have any other ideas that might be useful for mas and pas anywhere!

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