Best boho home decor ideas to freshen up your space

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Given that many furniture and interior decorating retailers were out of stock during the epidemic, I may not be the only one who has invested extra money in interior design this year. Boho living ideas are particularly in demand as the style has been trending on Instagram and Pinterest for a number of years, and for good reason!

Boho furniture and other small home accessories give your home a calming, relaxed atmosphere and bring us much closer to nature. In addition, many boho home accessories are made from sustainable materials, which are definitely on the rise.

Below we share with you what they found to be the top boho home decor for bedroom, living room, home office, kitchen, bathroom, terrace and children's room. If you want to add a bohemian flair to your home, these affordable picks are definitely worth checking out!

Find the top boho living room decor

Best boho home decor ideas for living room

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  1. Bamboo woven basket bowl
  2. Rattan accent lamp
  3. Round framed mirror
  4. White terracotta vase
  5. Fake moss bowl
  6. olive branch
  7. Ivory jute rug
  8. Console table made of wood
  9. Upholstered accent chair
  10. Wall art

Best boho home decor ideas for living room

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  1. Rattan basket
  2. Wooden frame
  3. Square pillowcase
  4. Pink waist pillow
  5. Long cotton canvas pillowcase
  6. Stackable rattan boxes
  7. Decorative metal knot
  8. Ceramic brown jug
  9. Fake hanging plant
  10. Fake olive tree

Find the top boho bedroom decor

Best boho home decor ideas for bedrooms

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  1. Tufted duvet cover set
  2. White and wooden bedside table
  3. Rattan chandelier
  4. Woven wall art baskets
  5. basket
  6. Wooden picture frames
  7. Rattan bed frame
  8. Fake bird of paradise plant
  9. Snake plant in the white pot

Find the top boho kitchen decor

Boho kitchen decor ideas

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  1. Cake stand made of wood
  2. Gold framed glasses
  3. Round wooden cutting board
  4. Rectangular cutting board
  5. Stone slabs
  6. Towel holder made of wood
  7. Beer mug
  8. Beige wooden bowl
  9. Decorative artichoke
  10. Rattan bar cart
  11. Older cookbook stand
  12. Magnolia Table Cookbook by Joanna Gaines
  13. Wooden salt and pepper mill
  14. Oriental terracotta runner rug

Find the top boho home office decor

Boho home office ideas

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  1. Fake violin sheet
  2. Row of wood
  3. 3-tier storage tower
  4. Wall art prints
  5. Coconut shell chandelier
  6. carpet
  7. Clay vase
  8. Foxtail grass
  9. Gold hardware white office chair

Find the top boho bathroom decor

Boho bathroom ideas

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  1. Bath mat
  2. Linen scented candle
  3. Wooden hanger
  4. towel
  5. Bathroom can
  6. Woven garbage can
  7. Soap dish
  8. Wooden chair
  9. Shower curtain

Best boho patio finds

Get the articles here:
  1. Rattan planter
  2. Small hanging basket
  3. Large hanging basket
  4. Hanging egg chair
  5. Patio chair
  6. Terrace bench
  7. coffee table
  8. Terracotta flower pot
  9. White jute stripe pillow
  10. Brown pillow

Boho nursery and kindergarten finds

Get the articles here:
  1. Rattan mirror
  2. Wooden molding stand
  3. Cream Round Ottoman
  4. Cradle
  5. Beaded chandelier
  6. Sherpa Accent Chair
  7. Nursery basket
  8. Changing basket
  9. White carpet

Hope you enjoyed these boho home decor as much as I did! If you are decorating your home with any of these pieces, I'd love to see how they look in your space!

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