50+ lovely pastel nail designs that are great for spring

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Pastel colors are the epitome of spring and Easter, so it's no surprise that fantastic pastel nails have been on trend on Instagram and Pinterest lately. From French-tipped pastel nails to ombre, abstract, and mix-and-match pastel nail ideas, there are plenty of ways to try the trend for yourself.

However, today we're sharing the top nail designs from independent nail artists that you can easily buy from Etsy. Many of these designs are custom made so you can request them short or long, coffin-shaped, slender or almond-shaped, and more.

If you're more of a DIY style girl or still prefer to go to your local nail technician, use these designs as inspiration and try them out for yourself. Otherwise, these pressure nails are light Kiss nail glue, wear it and wear it however you want

The great thing about snap nails is that you can reattach them as many times as you want, provided you don't lose them!

50+ cute pastel nail designs that you will want to copy

Pastel French Tip Nails

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