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Simple and tasty Easter brunch ideas This will delight every guest on your list! It's the great opportunity to enjoy your family and welcome spring with a delicious brunch.

The top part about celebrating a vacation is spending time with the people we love. Second top is food – in this case, it's a shut down second! Easter is the great opportunity to enjoy your family and welcome spring with a delicious brunch.

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Having a great Easter brunch is one of my favorite holiday traditions and I look forward to it every year. Whether we're celebrating with friends, family, or a mix of both, we love going out with a large Christmas party.

This list of recipe ideas converted from breakfast to lunch doesn't disappoint. You can literally eat breakfast, lunch, and dessert without missing a beat! From traditional breakfast items to creative ideas for ancient favorites, there's something on this list that even your favorite eaters can't resist!

Pancakes and pancakes

These are always the crowd's favorites. Everyone loves filling them with ingredients like fresh fruit and powdered sugar. Buttermilk syrup or a piece Whipped cream.

The great pancake recipe for every occasion and absolutely delicious! The top thing about these pancakes is that they are super simple and can be made right in your blender. Not only for breakfast, but desserts are great too!

Total time: 40 minute

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Light and soft pancakes made from scratch and filled with fresh, juicy blueberries. These are the fluffiest blueberry pancakes you can ever try!

Total time: 20th minute

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