21 pretty purple nail designs and ideas

Purple is a very popular color in fashion and beauty. This comes as no surprise with so many eye-catching colors to select from. An simple way to add purple to your look is with your nails. Many astonishing nail designs can be made with lovely colors. We found 21 purple nail designs to inspire you. Here you will find sparkling nails, attractive nail art and much more. There's a purple mania for everyone and there are nails for every occasion too!

1. Shimmery purple nail idea

The first nail idea we need to show you is sparkly, cute and simple to put on. Each nail polish was painted with the color Celestial. As you can see, it is a light and lovely shade of purple. Paint all your nails the color like a standout mania or use them to create stunning nail art.

Bright purple nail idea

Source: @CelebsArabic

2. Amethyst Nail Art

We don't cognize about you, but we love crystals, especially purple like amethyst. The next nail design was inspired by magical crystal amethyst. All of the nails are a purple color for this look and all of them have an opal marble effect. Each nail is also decorated with gold leaf. It's a mystical manicure and you can find tutorials on this nail art online.

3. Nude and Purple Ombre Nails

Ombre has become very popular in nail art and with a design like this we can see why! We have lovely coffin nails here. The lower part of the nail near the cuticle is bare, then the color changes to pastel purple. The colors are eye-catching and the transition between colors is seamless. You can view tutorials for ombre nail art online. Sponge isn't as difficult as you can use.

Pastel purple ombre nails

Source: @_allured

4.Purple V-Tipped Nude Nails

If you are looking for a trendy way to wear purple then this is it. This manicure has long coffin shaped nails. All nails are bare with purple V-tips. It's a stylish way to wear purple, and the v-ends make a statement compared to the classic lace shape. You can recreate this look or use a different shade of purple. V-ends can be created with nail tape.

5. Multi-tone purple and glam glitter

Can't decide which purple color to try? So why not wear a couple ?! You can create something like this. Each nail for this mania is painted a different shade of purple. There is also a sparkling accent nail. We love this multicolored look because it's unique and super stylish. You can take any shade of purple and recreate it with or without a shimmer.

6.Light Purple Ombre and Flowers

The next nail idea is lovely and stylish. Each nail is nude with a light purple ombre. There is also an accent nail with stunning white flowers and rhinestones. The soft purple color and the flowers are a very lovely and feminine combination. Such a maniac is great for spring and summer. Try this design or use the ombre without flowers for a more subtle look.

7. Stunning dark purple coffin nails

This next mania is one of our favorites! We have very long coffin nails here and each one is painted a dark and light purple shade. The shape, length and color of the nails are an astonishing combination. Together they create such an expression. Nails like this one are also great for fall and winter seasons, parties, and Halloween. You can recreate this or use a similar color for each nail length and shape.

8.Shiny Purple Nail Designs

Do you love funky nail art and lots of bling? If so, this could be great for you! Some nails have a matte purple with rhinestones, a sparkling nail glitter, and even some marble nail art. We love it because it's fun, unique, and creative. This mania would be great for summer and vacation. You can recreate this with a purple and matte varnish and of course some sparkling rhinestones. They are available online.

9. Pastel Purple Matte Nails

Matte nails are another popular nail design. Here we have a pretty purple version to show you off. These nails are mostly in pastel purple with a matte terminate and there is also an accent nail nude with sparkling silver and rose gold rhinestones. It's a very eye-catching and stylish design. If you want to recreate the look, you'll need a matte top coat. Rhinestones are simple to apply with nail glue. This nail design is great for spring and Easter.

Matte pastel purple nails

Source: @filmsfilms

10.Shiny Purple Nails with Glam Nail Art

Make your nails lovely with a purple design like this one. For this look we have long nails in a lovely shade of purple with some nude and sparkly details. Almost every nail is also decorated with a colorful glitter. Glitter and nail art look lovely together. A madman like this would be great for a special occasion. You can achieve a similar look for every nail shape and length.

11. Purple nails with butterflies

Next, there is a sweet and lively mania that we need to show you. All of the nails are painted pastel purple, and for accent nails, the nail artist used popular butterfly stickers and some rhinestones. It's a lovely and unique look to wear in spring. You can check which nail polishes are used on the following page.

12. Chrome Coffin Nail Art Design

If you are looking for a design that will make you stand out from the crowd, this is it! Each nail has different pieces of art including ombre, chrome, flowers, and more. It's a unique, artistic, and trendy mania. Something like this is great for women who like to make a statement. Recreate the whole look or just try out one or two of your favorite designs.

13. Beautiful purple marble nails

We love this next nail idea! We have purple lean nails here and each one is decorated with lovely colors and marble effects. The colors are eye-catching and the entire manicure is very funky and cute. A design like this is great for those who love fun and shiny nail art. This look can be created on any nail length and shape. We love the shine, it really enlivens the design.

Purple marble stiletto nails

Source: @dymenails

14. Pretty purple gradient nails

Our next nail idea has more gradient art in it. This time the nails commence to darken and then merge into lighter shades of purple. It's a lovely design and we love the dark tones used. A stylish and simple to use gradient that will suit everyone. On the following page you can check which polishes are used. Restore this or you can liven up the mania with some rhinestones or sparkles.

15. Purple chrome nails

Make a statement with lean nails like this one! Some nails are just a matte purple color, others a purple chrome. The highlight nail has a white base and a purple foil. It's a stunning mani and you can try the entire look or just one design on all of the nails. Either way, this sharp nail shape gives the purple color the wow factor.

16. Short purple nails

Brighten up your nails with sparkling and silver ornaments. You can create something like this. Here we have purple ombre nails. Each of them is adorned with a silver diamond. There are sparkling accent nails too. We love this because the silver diamond really captivates the mania and gives it a trendy look. You can buy such ornaments online in any shape and color. Recreate this or try your own cool design.

17. Dark Purple Matte Nails

Next, we have a cute and simple idea that we can show you. Here we have dark purple nails with a matte terminate. There are also two accent nails with silver glitter. Try a look like this or use any color for accent nails. The gold and purple color combination would be great too. You can view tutorials on creating matte nails online.

18. Purple shimmering coffin nails

The next idea has nicer and more stylish nail art. This time the nails are light purple with four sparkling purple gloss nails. Two if the nails have small rhinestones on them too. We love a stunning combination of design and color. You can achieve a similar look with any shade of purple.

19. Trendy dark purple and nude nails

Nude and purple are a trendy color combination. Don't just take our word for it, take a look at this mania. Some of the nails are bare and others are dark purple. One nail is also decorated with a funky purple pattern. A design like this one is bold, unique and trendy. It suits everyone and looks great on all nail lengths and shapes.

20. Black, purple, and gold gradient nails

Do you love gradient nail art? If so, this is the next idea you should see. In this gradient, the nail near the cuticle is sparkling gold, then the color turns purple, and finally the nails at the tips turn black. This is a vampire maniac who is great for fall and Halloween. For a more subtle look, recreate this or try the same color combination with no shimmer.

21. Beautiful pink and purple nail design

The final nail design is fantastic and eye-catching! Some nails are a light purple hue and others are pale pink with sparkling kisses. Purple and pink are a very eye-catching color combination. Recreate this or you can use different shades of both colors. Try to keep the rhinestones that add the wow factor to the nails!

We anticipate you found a purple nail design to try!

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