23 cute hair colors and trends for 2021

We have all been there where you look in the mirror and are completely fed up with your hair. Hair color is the top way to solve this problem! Dark colors completely transform your hair so it's fun and lovely, while a modern hair color lifts the hair and gives it modern life. If you're looking to pick a modern color in 2021, read on because we've got 23 cute hair colors and trends to see. We have everything from natural looking colors like yellow to cotton candy pink. There is a suitable color for everyone that will give your hair a stylish look and make you look and feel great!

1. Sweet pink hair color

The first hair color idea that you show off is pink and adorable! This color was described as pink poison by the stylist. The hair has different shades of pink from the root to the tip. We love pink tones because they complement each other perfectly and make a statement. This hair color is great for summer.

Nice pink hair color idea

Source: @CelebsArabic

2. The ice queen

Blonde is one of the most popular hair colors and one reason is that there are so many shades to select from. The next blonde look is called Ice Queen. As you can see, the hair is a light shade of blonde hair that looks almost white. That’s just lovely. Hair like this is great for any season of the year like winter, but is also bright for summer.

Ice blonde hair color idea

Source: @filmsfilms

3. Rose gold balayage

Rose gold tones were a must have in hair too, and with styles like this we can see why! Here we have a hair color called Rose Bronze. It has soft rose gold balayage. This is a fantastic hair idea and great for those who want a cute, modern, and bold color. Recreate the hairstyle as well, or if it isn't for you then the color will suit all hair types, lengths and styles.

4. Stunning blonde highlights

Next, we have a stylish, cute, and classic hair color. For this look, the hair is dark at the root with added blonde highlights. The highlights have both cool and light blonde tones. It's a stunning and simple-to-wear hair idea that suits everyone. Blonde gives dark hair a sun-kissed look.

5. Beautiful brown hair color

If you have dark hair but want to lift it up and add a modern color, this is for you. Here we have dark hair with warmer brown highlights. The style is completed with cute waves. This is a stylish hair idea that is great for those who don't want too much color.

6. Lower rainbow lamps

This next hair idea is one of our favorites! The hair is very light blonde on the top layers Rainbow under the lower lights. If you've never heard of the under lights, it is just the color that is added to the lower layers of hair rather than the upper ones. With this you obtain a rainbow surprise under the blonde. It's cute, magical, and great for those who love unicorns and bold hair colors.

7. Honey sweetie

The next hair color is very cute and stylish. We have honey blonde color here. This hairstyle has various shades of blonde that are both light and warm. It's richer and darker blonde honey. As you can see, it's a very kind and trendy idea. Pair it with a fantastic cut like a blunt bob and you have a great style. If bob isn't for you, honey blonde also goes with all short and long styles.

8. Gold Caramel Hair Idea

Do you like bold hair colors? If so, take a look at this. The hair is long and curly. Most of the hair is dark brown, but a lighter and more golden color has also been added. It is hot golden caramel The hair idea is just mind blowing. The color really makes a statement and adds a boost to dark brown hair.

9. Blue to purple hair

We love the next cute hair color. This is a very original and bold idea. The hair starts with a dark blue shade at the root. Then it blends in with a shade of gray in the middle and finally with a light purple on the ends. The color commute is stunning and was named Moonshine by the stylist. It's great for those who want a full hair transformation to stand out from the crowd in style.

10. Dark hair with warm blonde highlights

Another color that you can add to your dark hair is warm blonde. This hairstyle shows how to wear blonde beautifully. As you can see the hair is very dark, with yellow highlights on the front of the hair and the undercuts everywhere else. This is a cute, summery and fantastic style that will suit everyone.

11. Nice rose gold colored ombre hair

We introduced early in the post Rose gold Hair color. If you like that, check out this hair idea as well. This time we have darker hair with rose gold colored ombre. We love this because it's a great way to try a trendy and modern color. If you decide this is not for you, or if you just want to try the shade for fun, it will grow easily. This is a lovely hair idea that is great for spring.

Sweet rose gold ombre hair

Source: @filmsfilms

12. Caramel highlights for long curly hair

If you have curly hair, you should see the next idea! Here we have brown hair that is a lighter color. The warm and light color has been added to the top layers of the hair which really make the curls stand out. This is a stunning hair idea and wow! This color combination works well for other hair types too.

Caramel highlights for long curly hair

Source: @ Chris

13. Blonde hair with blue under lights

Next there is another lighted idea. This time the hair is platinum blonde with blue under lights. Different shades of blue are used, both light and dark. It's like a lovely hair idea and it allows you to express the colors in a low-key way. Blue underlights can be worn with any hair color, not just blonde.

Blond hair with blue under lights

Source: @supvalerie

14. Fiery hair color idea

Spice up your look with a fiery warm hair color like this one. Here we dyed long hair a cute and coppery color. It's a lovely and bold shade. We love these shades of red because they are suitable for everyone and every season of the year. The hair is shiny in summer and warm in winter. This color goes with any style.

15. Black and gray ombre hair idea

Another color combination that we love is black and gray! This hair idea shows how to wear it in style. The hair is black from the root and then turns into a trendy silver gray. We love gray because it's so stylish and meaningful. Restore the black and gray look, but gray goes well with other hair colors too. You can also check out a tutorial on a genuine braided style great for festivals on the Instagram page below.

16. Bold ombre hair color idea

If you really want to admire with hair color then this is great. This color combination is inspired by autumn. So the hair starts in a wealthy shade of red, then turns pink and finally orange. It's a very fun and cute hair idea! This hair will also work in the summer if you use a lighter red as it has a tropical summer look. We love this color palette and we really want to try it out!

Bold ombre hair color idea

Source: @Mymetilmaz

17. Great blonde highlights

Next we have a stunning multi-dimensional hair color. Dimension color is the use of light and dark shades to create more stylish and natural hair. For this look, the hair is dark at the root with the blonde tones added. As you can see, there are both cool and warm tones. This is an simple to put on hair idea that will look great on anyone.

The big blonde highlights

Source: @ Chris

18. Cotton Candy Pink

At the beginning of the article, we had a pink hair color. If you like this idea, you should see this too. This is a lighter and pastel shade that gives it a cotton candy look. It's just bright, fun, and super cute. Hair like this is great for spring and summer, and pink goes with all hairstyles.

19. Pretty platinum blonde hair

The next hair idea is fantastic! Here we have long and straight hair with a platinum blonde shade. It's a fantastic shade of blonde and will really admire you. A light blonde like this is ideal for women who love to stand out. This is another color and style that is great for summer.

20. Dark to light color solution

This hair idea is another of our favorites. The style has a stunning color melt called Black Pearl. Thus, the hair starts out dark and becomes lighter. There are many different hues, from charcoal and smoky gray to blushing pink and silver. It's a fantastic hair idea and great for the fall and winter seasons.

21. Soft strawberry hair

If you want a cute but natural color, this might be great for you. Here we have soft strawberry hair. The hair is a light copper color from root to tip. Very simple to wear. A color like this looks great on anyone and compliments all hairstyles.

22. Sweet blonde curls

We love this next hair idea. It's great for ladies with very tight curls. The hair is dark at the root with various shades of blonde added to the curls. When using several shades of blonde, the hair looks more natural and sun-kissed. What a lovely and cute style! If blonde isn't for you, you can add bolder colors like pink or red.

Nice blonde curls

Source: @kevsersanat

23. Melted copper ombre hair

The last of our cute hair colors is this molten copper look. The hair starts off with a deep red shade, then merges with orange and finally with yellow. It's an astonishing meltdown of colors and the hair really makes a statement. Since the hair is both hot and summery, it suits all seasons.

We anticipate you enjoy all of these cute hair colors as much as we do!

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