10 ideas for a fast and inexpensive decoration in the living room


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There are many living room decor solutions that don't cost anything. And some of them are completely free.

Sometimes the living room is the only all-purpose room in the home. So it deserves an interior that is more lovely and comfortable than ever – even if it is made with your own hands.

Can you freshen up your living room design without breaking? Of course! Because interior renovation has small to do with interior repairs – it is much more important to set bright accents. In addition, you probably already have a lot of essentials for it. We present 10 ideas that are simple to repeat and won't damage your wallet either.


If you've already found lovely frames, but still select illustrations, remember – frames can decorate the interior by yourself.

  1. Add a few mirror

Hang them on a wall in a group – mirrors can replace other wall decorations and serve as a scarce alternative to paintings, posters, and photographs. In addition, they bring light into the interior, which is especially useful in small spaces.

An interesting choice can be made from mirrors that are already in the house (just bring them to a room and hang them nearby). Or purposely look for cheap ancient copies at the flea market.

On a note:

You can also group other objects on a wall. For example, plates and dishes from different sets, ceramic tiles, straw hats and much more.

  1. Repaint your furniture

Renovate ancient furniture – paint it with a modern color. A small piece or two should do the trick. It could be a coffee table, a stool, a bookcase … all you have to do is spend on a can of paint. Black objects add depth and graphics in neutral tones to the familiar interior, and bright neon colors add irony to it.


Tables, dressers, and other paintable furniture can be purchased at some hardware stores. Untreated pine furniture is much cheaper than its finished-terminate counterparts. You can also buy it online at: New York furniture stores Offers a wide range of furniture.


Do not put all the figurines on the shelves at once: commute the exhibition depending on the season. Get flowers for spring and Christmas trees for the modern year. You have at least four reasons to update the contents of the shelves and there will be more free space on the shelves.

  1. Personalize your interior

Have your room decorated with the top and happiest moments of your life, photos of friends and relatives. At the same time, there is a reason not to be content with just albums and print the top photos on the computer.

If you already have photo frames, great. No, it doesn't matter. A simple string and a dozen pegs replace them. You can find cute clothespins in office supplies and art stores. Or you can decorate what you have: repaint them with different colors, glue buttons or other decors.


Use normal glasses as a photo frame. Cut the photo to the height of the box, place it upside down and turn the box over.

  1. Hang the frame on the shelf

A bright accent and an unusual solution for areas where every square inch counts – a frame just above the ends of the shelves. Why not? You save space on the walls and shelves of the room. If the frame is small, it will not block access to books and jewelry stored on the shelf. And its content will be in the foreground, whether it's a photo or a favorite poster.

  1. Don't be afraid to try

After all, this is your interior! So here you can express yourself in some way. For example, to stick everything bad on the walls. Wooden figures, scattered letters, rag dolls … Desperate experimenters even compose from a dozen Barbie dolls. A selection of walls can show guests the identity of your life today or just your hobbies. It's also an inexpensive way to showcase your collection for just about anything.

  1. Arrange the greens

Living plants bring life to your interior. In addition, it is not only simple on the eye, it also purifies the air and creates a healthier microclimate. If you are afraid of ruining your green plantings, watch out for it. unpretentious examples those who aren't even afraid of the office life you remember every two weeks. It doesn't matter if the air is too dry or you missed a few cools. These are, for example, sansevieria, geranium, "money tree" and others. Do not forget about cacti and other small succulents indoors – excellent compositions can be made from them.


If the traditional flower in flower option doesn't inspire you, put your green pets under jars, ancient bird cages, or special small greenhouses (you can find them in stores).

  1. "Convert" the walls

A commute of wallpaper or a wall painting, no budget? Use the school music sheets or books that you will obtain off with. The result is a bit abusive, but it looks impressive and sincere.

You can try both the color scheme and the paste method. For example, lay the pages edge-to-edge, overlapping them, or leaving the corners uncut so they differ slightly from the sketches. In this way, by the way, you can hide traces of children's art and cat's claws.

  1. Use the finds from the street

Old boxes and pallets made of vegetables and fruits are an inexhaustible source of creativity and… home textiles. It is enough to stack several pallets – and the bookcase is alert. Leave the structure halfway for a more industrial look. But you can also paint: in one color or in several different colors, all or only from the inside. Such a box, placed on the side of the table, serves as a stand for books or as a border and display for all kinds of small things.

  1. Not for eating the tray.

Nice idea from interior designers – a decorative tray with various small things. Put a small flower vase, a figurine from a trip, put some of your favorite books on a pile, add sea pebbles or scented candles. The good thing about this method is that this exposure can be changed any number of times, simply moved to a modern location, or removed entirely. If the tray is wide enough, you can abandon room for a few cups of coffee – and any updo becomes a stylish designer table.

  1. Decorate with textiles

The modern textile design can radically commute the appearance of the room. If replacing curtains, carpets and bedspreads is not yet planned, you can do so with small electricity. Use your favorite blanket; It is not necessary to completely cover the seat and backrest of upholstered furniture with it. Try folding it evenly and drawing a way to jump under decorative pillows or to cast it on purpose. You can even use a stolen or large scarf in place of a blanket – the choice is yours!

  1. Group by color

Do you collect snow-white milk jugs? Do not put them all over the buffet, it is better to bundle everything together and put them into an effective group. The same applies to other products of the same color. If individually they can visually disappear or be too dazzling, their accumulation in a single colored point draws attention to both the composition as a whole and to each component individually.


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