Best tips and tricks for life at 60 meters

Do you cognize how to distribute a 60 square meter house and make good use of the space? We give you all the keys to achieve this.

When you turn off the window light, the living room appears smaller. So don't put furniture in front of it. The idea is to look outwards. This increases the space. Heighten the effect by using low cabinets, tall, slender legs and light countertops. If you're wondering how to partition a 60 square meter house, first let go of the light.

Rectangular tables are quite bulky and visually avoid the eyes from sagging. The same applies to porcelain furniture; They are lovely, but they obtain too much and they obtain dark. If you are looking for ideas to distribute an area of ​​60 m 2 .. If you want to place the floor and one, look for it in light or white color, better horizontal than vertical (sideboard type) and with a glass door.

Furniture with strips, large handles, panels … not suitable for small kitchens. It is better if they are smooth, offset, or offset. Push type opening. The "gloss effect" terminate reflects light even if it is bright (especially white). Wood is not a good choice for small kitchens; Instead, select high pressure laminates (HPL), which are very glossy and simple to clean.

Avoid free-standing sinks, they reduce the viewing space and there is no storage space. Even if it is small, it is better to place hanging furniture. Do not put shelves or shelves against the wall. try to keep everything in the closet. A partition made of smoked or screen-printed glass with lacquered profile dwarfs. You can replace it with a solid pane of glass without a door.

No matter how small your room is, don't give up on your headboard. Opt for a wall-mounted side table with minimal depth and shelf side tables. Or a work like in the photo: use the top as a shelf. The bed linen is always white or light. It will add a touch of color to the plaid and pillow, but try to distinguish them.

Very important in bedrooms: they also double the space and light. Dare to put mirrored doors in the closet. you receive. Your room will look double and bright.

If you have a terrace, no matter how small, it can be seen from the inside. Opening the rooms to the outside extends the length of stay. In addition to the natural light, the feeling becomes deeper and more spacious. Let the terrace be seen through the fabric, even when you put up curtains. Take advantage of this!

It's always a good option, but in small apartments, with bespoke furniture, every inch can be used with solutions tailored to the space and the specific needs of its residents. So yes, there is space for a special piece of furniture.

Being functional is one of the most important tips and tricks for those who live in an apartment less than 60 square meters. Choose dual-use furniture like this staircase shelf or a coffee table that converts into a dining table. 60 meters four lives in this house.

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