30+ Adorable Easter Cakes That You Will Love

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If you're looking for fun and simple Easter cake ideas, this post is for you! Whether you want to decorate your small cupcakes with candy or are just looking for cute Easter-themed cupcake toppers, we have the top ideas for you.

Last week we shared a lot of desserts Easter dessert ideas From muffins to bagels to chocolate chip cookies and all of our favorite cupcake designs today. Let's face it – sometimes a whole cake is just too much when you want a slightly sugary treat to nibble on.

From bunny muffins to chick muffins to bird's nest cupcakes, carrot muffins and much more, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

Without further ado, let's obtain to the designs! (Pst – towards the end of the post especially if you're looking for cupcake toppers!)

Try cute Easter cakes

1. Chicked Easter cupcakes

Get the prescription Laura loves cake

2. Easter Bunny Cakes

About Picture @mariii1520

3. Rabbit cupcakes

About Picture @cake

About Picture @cake

4. Chick cupcakes

About Picture @Carolina Epicurist

5. White Chocolate Easter Egg Cupcakes

Get the prescription Garnish and glaze

6. Rainbow cupcakes

Image via Monica Joy on Tumblr

7. Garden carrot cupcakes

Get the prescription Your cake

8. Rabbit cake

About Picture @Fine Candy Cake Company

9. Chewing gum glazed cupcake

Get the prescription Spreading ovens

10. Rabbit Hip Cupcakes

Get the prescription This graceful woman

11. Cadbury & # 39; s Easter Cupcakes with Eggs

About Picture @Liggyscakes

12. Sweet bunny + donut cupcakes

About Picture @Juniper Bakery /. JuniperCakery.co.uk

13. Rabbit Hip Cupcakes

About picture SweetCheeksBakingco / Get similar cake toppers Etsy

14. Glazed Easy Rabbit Cupcakes

About Picture @Cake_Away_Cancer

15. Bird's nest cupcakes

Get the tutorial Cooking with Josh and Ange

16. Sweet baby chick cupcakes

About Picture @Vas_FrostedIndulgence

17. Easter bunny cupcakes

Get the prescription Preppy kitchen

18. Extendable Easter bunny

Get the recipe Smart morning

19. Chocolate Nest Mini Egg Cupcakes

Get the prescription Tame the twins

20. Chocolate bird nest cupcakes

Get the prescription Ney's Kitchen Executive

21. Glazed chick cupcakes

About Picture @Ice oven

22. Simple carrot cupcakes

About picture ShopSweetsAndTreats

23. Sugar Rabbit Cupcakes

About Picture @Celiac dessert /. PaigeyBakes

24. KitKat Rabbit Cupcakes

About Picture @LowFodmapInspiration

25. Bunny ears glazed cupcakes

About Picture @Frosted_CakesByEm

26. Gluten Free Easter KitKat Bunny Cupcakes

Get the prescription Gluten free cup of tea

27.Dalmatian Dotted Cupcakes

About Picture @BakeBoxBoutique

28. Chocolate covered strawberry and carrot cupcakes

Get the prescription Life made baking simple

29. Baby bird nests

Get the prescription Elegant food

Easter Cupcake Toppers (and Faux Decorated Cupcakes)

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Which of these cake ideas was your favorite? And what kind of cupcake are you in love with – do you like to decorate your own cakes or do you just prefer fancy pompoms?

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