10 beauty tips to try this year

No matter what month of the year, it's never too late to take care of yourself and your skin. brand Saint Joseph, one New Mexican brand inspired by personal hygienegives us 10 beauty tips to promote the self-care of facial skin and body so that they shine longer.

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10 beauty tips to try this year

one Use face creams that contain antioxidants

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Experts state that in order to avoid photoaging, antioxidants must be used to delay cell death caused by free radicals. There are creams with special ingredients that reduce oxidized compounds and thus avoid the breakdown of antioxidants on the skin through the action of UV radiation, ”commented Eng. St. Joseph, a laboratory specializing in health products. José Navarro, founder of s, beautyRecommend the product "Your Young Face".

two Prioritize quality and sleep times

It is important for your health to be aware of the number of hours you sleep and the quality of your sleep, as optimal rest can increase physical endurance, generate more energy, and help you relax. To counteract sleep problems, there are naturally derived relaxing capsules that help develop the quality of rest and sleep.

3 Protects the eye area

The skin under the eyes is more prone to wrinkles, fine lines, and external damage as the thickness of this area is approximately 0.33 mm. Because of this, it is necessary to apply a pale cream to the lower eyelid to combat these symptoms and avoid the loss of skin elasticity in order for the skin to look vibrant and natural.

4th Glu glu glu… drinking water

It is important to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day for the body to function well, as all cells in the body need it to function properly. It can also avoid the skin from looking dehydrated. Dry appearance due to lack of water.

5 Get used to wearing it serum face

Serums o serum It is a product that contains concentrated active ingredients that are easily absorbed and can penetrate the deepest layers of the skin. Continuous use can develop the appearance of the dermis, reduce and avoid wrinkles, and regenerate collagen, giving it more firmness and shine, giving it a bright and fresh appearance.

6th Are you looking for moments of relaxation

A quiet moment should be a priority to reduce the stress, anxiety, and negative emotions that can build up day in and day out. Soothing foot sprays such as "Your Tired Feet" are ideal for this, as they ensure freshness, relaxation and care in this area.

7 millionshocking anger

A stunning look can emphasize people's faces. One of the wishes of women is to have long and loose eyelashes. Eyelash serums have become a trend as the hair requires special care to optimize its growth phase.

8th Protect yourself from the sun's rays

Prolonged exposure to the sun without adequate protection can lead to premature aging, burns, blemishes, and even skin cancer. It is therefore important to use sunscreens with a sun protection factor of at least 30 (SPF). The product label says: Against UVA and UVB rays It is very protected to keep it going.

9 Don't forget to look at the skin of the body

Over the years, as the skin ages, it goes through processes, loses its thickness and accumulates fat. These changes can be seen on the thighs, buttocks, buttocks, and stomach, and can be felt as pits in the skin known as cellulite. For this reason, toning gels are available to help avoid these spots on the skin.

10 Good verbal hygiene

One sign that triggers health abnormalities is around the mouth area, as a lack of optimal cleaning can lead to bacterial plaque and tooth decay. An alternative that can develop verbal hygiene is mouthwashes and toothpaste, which must be chewed, as they remove bacterial plaques that cause bad breath and abandon a mint and peppermint flavor.

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