10 tips for wearing black and getting the most out of your body

black It's the most useful color when we don't cognize what to wear. It goes with everything and can look sophisticated, sexy, elegant, practical and many other things. If it's your favorite color or you want to use it, Estefanya Athensis an image consultant who shares 10 tips for wearing black and always looking good. For more personal tips, send an email to: ae.asesoriadeimagen@gmail.comor follow him social media.

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10 tips for wearing black and looking lovely

Tip 1

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Pay attention to the color of clothing. Color is possible black It looks worn every time you wash it on fabrics like cotton. It sounds obvious, but if you want to look your top, you need to take into account that the garment looks great. It is top to select sheer fabrics to keep their color and color flawless. black always see black.

Tip 2

If you are thinking of wearing a black garment, it is top to wash it so that it does not obtain stained with deodorant when you put it on, and so that the stain is not impregnated once you remove the garment. .

Tip 3

We cognize black Compact but can have the opposite effect you are looking for to lose weight depending on the fabric. For example, leather textures and sequins expand the space you use even though it is black.

Tip 4

If you want to look bigger, wear it all the way blackThe tip, however, is to try and dig into different textures in your appearance. A blazer with black Knit sweaters and black jeans and heels.

Tip 5

Try hand washing your clothes with similar colored clothes and a special soap. Always do it with clothes inside out.

Tip 6

The most famous combination blackis the goal. If you like this dumbbell wear white where you want attention and black the part where you want to go almost unnoticed. For example, if you want your hips to stand out, wear white pants with a black blouse to hide your stomach.

7th tip

If you're encouraged to add more color to your clothes, we encourage you to put them together. black. Any other color, red, wine, blue, blackLooks astonishing.

8th tip

Famous dress blackbecame famous precisely for its practicality that we can use it for any occasion. Combine it with tennis shoes, a denim jacket and a crossbody. If you want to make it more formal, with heels, blazer and shoulder bag; and a great look for at home too, with sandals, a sweater and a colorful bag for a casual Sunday

Note 9

black It is considered a neutral color and combines your outfit with other neutral colors that you have put together, such as: B. camel, gray, navy blue or white.

Note 10

If your style is rockier or more funky, laundered cotton shirts will complement your look well, but clothing cannot be discolored if you want to look more formal.

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