5 important tips to forget about oily skin after 30th

Do you have oily skin problems? The ideal, rather than investing in lots of beauty products, is likely to be to tackle the genuine problem on your own. That is why we are leaving you today. 5 important tips to forget about oily skin after 30.

on. Pay attention to your diet and avoid continual consumption of lipids.

Food has a lot to do with the oil our skin produces. The high fat consumption prevents the blood circulation and oxygen provide from being correct. So when we combine the diet with other factors like hormonal changes, bacteria and external factors, the pollution occurs more easily.

2 .. Wet yourself

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In order for our body to be dehydrated after the age of 30, 8 glasses of water must be drunk daily. Remember that our body is 80% water and that our metabolic processes need it to develop properly. Air, pollution and insufficient water intake age your skin. Read: 5 aloe vera face packs for glowing skin

oily skin remedies

3. Use appropriate cosmetics.

The world of skin care is enormous. Before buying anything you need, consider that they contain natural ingredients that will not clog pores (non-comedogenic). In other words, it gives you a feeling of freshness when you use them as that feeling is part of the deep cleansing and anti-bacterial. Cracks appear in the pores, especially on oily skin, caused by bacterial growth. There are lines like ASH Natural that have everything you need: facial shampoo, lotion, serum, scrub, mask, and concentrated facial when you need to dry out an emerging epidemic.

oily skin remedies

Four. Rule twice a day. Surely you have noticed that Asian women have jealous skin for having double cleansing in their routine; In other words, they clean their faces when they are washed with a special shampoo, and when they arrive off, they clean them again with lotion to remove any remaining dirt. Also, the success of a skin care regimen is the use of masks for gentle exfoliation and deep hydration to remove dead cells morning and evening and at least twice a week. Read: A dermatologist's tips for oily skin

5. Patience urges, never touch your shots. We cognize that watching an epidemic emerge is frustrating and instead of getting rid of it, we want to obtain rid of it right away by pinching it, thereby infecting your skin and even damaging your skin and causing sores. Don't lose patience and let her cycle continue. With a skin care regimen, the appearance of these imperfections will decrease.

oily skin remedies

Did these tips work for you?


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