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A simple, refreshing three-ingredient Aperol spritz recipe that's great all year round! This classic cocktail couldn't be easier to make and is really delicious.

Aperol spritz with straw and orange slice

It's no secret that a well-made drink is the great way to party or relax. Although there are many classics to select from, there is always something to say for the simple, classic cocktails.

Aperol Spritz has gained considerable popularity over the past few years, but not everyone knows that they are simple and tasty. We're going to dive a small deeper to learn more about this delicious drink and teach you to drink!

Orange cocktail with Prosecco on top.

And if you love this drink, try our Lingonberry Aperol Spritz. We saw this on a cold day in Finland. It was fascinating!

History of Aperol Spritz

Interestingly, Aperol-based drinks have been around since the early 20th century. The Italian brothers Luigi and Silvio Barbieri spent seven years perfecting their drink recipes.

As the drink gained popularity, they came up with an official recipe that we cognize today as the traditional Aperol spritz in the 1950s.

In the 2000s, the drink gained significant sponsorship and fame, which further increased its worldwide distribution.

What kind of alcohol is Aperol?

Aperol has many different ingredients. The top known are sweet and bitter oranges, rhubarb, and a variety of different roots and herbs.

All this together results in the typical bittersweet taste and citrus aroma.

Wine glass filled with ice and a bottle of Aperol

How to make Aperol Spritz

It's a lot easier than you think. And you only need three main components to obtain started:


  • Aperol – A delicious orange aperit that makes this drink!
  • Prosecco – An Italian sparkling wine.
  • Soda Unsweetened sparkling water to add some foam.
  • Orange slice – A classic side dish for Aperol Spritz.
Pour in Aperol


Fill a large wine glass with ice.

Add aperol, prosecco, then fill it with soda.

Mix gently and then add a slice of orange.

What should you serve with your Aperol Spritz?

Aperol Spritz has a unique bittersweet taste that makes it possible to combine it with a wide variety of foods.

Some of the most notable are meats, cheeses, and even smoked salmon. It may sound surprising, but potato chips are also one of the most popular foods to go with with your drink.

Anything with a high salt content compliments the taste of the spritz quite well. Since this drink is designed to stimulate your taste buds, it is usually served. next to starters before the main meal.

Aperol which taste?

The taste of Aperol can be described as wealthy, orange sweet. But it also has herbal undertones that give it a bitter taste.

When the drink is drunk, it is initially sweet in taste and tastes bitter at the end of the sip.

Aperol spritz recipe

Aperol wine or spirits?

April is not a schnapps. It's not necessarily wine either, but it has many similarities with it.

Most notable is the 11% ABV alcohol content, which is the same as most wines. The fruity and bitter taste of the drink makes many people compare it to wine as well.

Is Aperol the same as Campari?

No, it's not the same as Aperol Campari. The two differ in taste and color, Campari is darker and bitter.

But the main difference is Total alcohol content. While Aperol contains around 11% ABV, Campari can be anywhere from 20.5% to 28% ABV.

If you are looking for a kind cocktail with Campari Try our classic Negroni.

Cocktail made from Aperol, Prosecco and Soda

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  • Fill a large wine glass with ice.

  • Add aperol, prosecco, then fill it with soda.

  • Mix gently and then add a slice of orange.

If you want a less bitter drink, add 1 ounce less Aperol and another 1 ounce. Prosecco

Nutritional information

Aperol spritz

Amount per serving (1 cocktail)

calorie 213
Calories from Fat 9

% Daily Value *

fat 1 g% 2nd

sodium 6 mg0%

potassium 24 mg% on

carbohydrates 24 g8th%

Fiber 1g4%

Sugar 22g24%

protein 1 g% 2nd

Vitamin A. 29IU% on

C vitamin 7 mg8th%

calcium 7 mg% on

iron 1 mg6%

* Daily percentages are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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