Top 10 brands of ski jackets to keep you warm on the slopes

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Ski jacket brands cost a dozen dollars so which one to select? We have compiled a wide variety of brands to help you select between affordable, sustainable, and high-end brands.

A good ski jacket can last a decade or even a lifetime. They are a necessary investment as they are one of the main defenses against anything snow, wind and weather can bring you.

That's why we wanted to focus on the top ski jacket brands and take them apart so you can make better choices.

All of the ski jacket brands listed below are the top in their categories, offering features and performance for their price. Whether you're looking for an affordable option, something cute and comfortable, or a tough, low-key premium jacket, you'll find it here.

Best budget ski jackets brands

The top budget brands are those that propose impressive performance without the downside of a noticeable price tag.

Your choices and functions may be somewhat limited. For someone who is just starting out skiing or who wants a reasonable option without burning their pocket, these are great options.

on. Columbia

The cheapest ski jackets: Columbia
The cheapest ski jackets: Columbia

Positive: Perfectly insulated jackets, a variety of budget options, excellent quality and both sporty and fashion-related offerings. Plus sizes are available.
Negatives: Sizes and cuts can be packaged, styles can be boring or hit-and-miss for many.
Pricing: Sells from $ 150 to $ 450, typically on websites and in retail stores.

Columbia was founded in Portland, Oregon in 1938 and has grown to become one of the top-known outdoor gear brands. They propose a wide variety of jackets that are both affordable and inexpensive. you Standard insulated jackets It offers great value for money for features that are way above their price range.

Colombia's waterproof and breathable material Omni-Tech offers the advantages of high-end Gore-Tex and Microtemp keeps the jacket warm with 100 g / 80 g insulation. Columbia also has more premium offerings. Joker card, tracking and Crystal caves offers.

Buy Columbia ski jackets ASOS / Over Columbia website

2 .. ASOS 4505

The cheapest ski jackets: ASOS 4505 The cheapest ski jackets: ASOS 4505

Positive: Surprisingly low cost, excellent properties for a quality jacket.
Negatives: Basic materials and small insulation, so layers are a must.
Pricing: 70-100 USD

Established in 2020, ASOS 4505 is ASOS 'answer to everything to do with sportswear, sportswear and casual wear at home. The latest addition to the collection is the ski resort, which focuses on fashion but also has features for men and women.

Since most of their jackets are only insulated with wool, it is advisable to overlap them with an inner jacket to retain heat. Fortunately, ASOS also sells affordable packages. thermal wear you can wear them under these jackets!

Wear jackets ASOS

Note: Did you cognize ASOS also sells other affordable ski jacket brands like Dare2b, Missguided, Topshop and Roxy for under $ 300? Check it out here!

Best pony for Buck Brands

These great value for money brands propose great performance at a much lower price when compared to some of their more expensive competitors. They focus on making expensive features affordable and prefer simple style and convenience.

3. Helly Hensen

The cheapest brands for ski jackets: Helly Hansen The cheapest brands for ski jackets: Helly Hansen

Positive: Large selection of focused ski clothing that professionals trust.
Negatives: It's a small expensive compared to similar brands.
Pricing: $ 300-600

Helly Hensen was founded in Norway in 1877 by Helly Hansen, who designed clothing to protect against the cold weather in the Norwegian seas. Since then, they have established themselves as the favorite ski clothing brand among ski professionals.

For example, $ 375 Motionista jackets Offer some of the top value for money jackets available. Helly Hensen designed these jackets to propose great breathability and weather protection with Helly Tech material and great temperature with Lifaloft insulation. All Lifaloft jackets It's cut to top fit a woman's body while also providing the appropriate gift and space to ski.

While Helly Hensen rates these jackets with ⅚ weight points, at 1 kg they are very light in terms of warmth and protection. If you're looking for one of the top performing jackets in this price range, you can't go wrong with Helly Hensen's pick.

Wear jackets ASOS /. Helly Hansen /. Nordstrom

4th North face

The cheapest brands for ski jackets: The North Face The cheapest brands for ski jackets: The North Face

Positive: Overall great performance from a trusted brand, loads of well-designed features.
Negatives: While the colors and styles can be tasteful, many may find them soft.
Pricing: 300-500 USD

North face It is one of the classic winter jacket brands that is instantly recognized by its logos. It was founded in California in 1966 and began focusing on ski wear in the 1980s. North Face offers one of the most attractive options for value for money.

ThermoBall Eco Snow Triple climate jacket Offers a versatile package for a ski jacket at an affordable price. Their breathable / waterproof DryVent material is very shy of the quality of Gore-Tex and they use recycled polyester insulation in most of their jackets.

North Face designers put a lot of thought into designs with insulated layers, pockets for glasses, and even underarm ventilation.

Wear jackets ASOS /. North face

5. marmot

The best brands for ski jackets: marmotThe best brands for ski jackets: marmot

Positive: More stylish jacket choices with great features and reliable quality.
Negatives: The cut and size can be a bit boxy, the very sporty style can put some people off.
Pricing: Typically, sales on their website or at retailers cost anywhere from $ 200 to $ 450.

Marmot, an outdoor brand, not a rodent, was founded in 1977 by a mountaineering club whose founders started making their own parkas and sleeping bags. Marmot has made many innovations, such as the first use of Gore-Tex in its equipment in 1976, and continues to use modern technologies to this day.

They propose a wide range of women's ski jackets, especially the Women & # 39; s Lint Component jacket, which is made from Marmot's own waterproof / breathable MemBrain material, and 3M Thinsulate Lint insulation, which has the same thermal capacity as 700 pads should.

While the color options in the range may be limited, the options available are stylish and functional.

Wear jackets Groundhog for men /. Marmot for women / Also available Moose jaw

6th Open Area Research

Affordable ski jackets for men from Outdoor ResearchAffordable ski jackets for women from Outdoor Research

Positive: Great performance and features for price range, wide range and color options.
Negatives: Color options and styles may not be everyone's favorite, while cuts can be framed.
Pricing: Retailers can propose sales from $ 300 to $ 700.

Open Area Research It's a lesser-known brand that offers surprising performance in its price range, with features and materials well above its price range. Jackets installed in Seattle are designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions in Denali and the Pacific Northwest.

Entrances Hard metal jacket Pertex offers breathable and waterproof material at almost a lower cost than Gore-Tex. This is combined with a matching hood with difficult hat and waterproof YKK zippers for excellent protection and versatility.

Senior elections Archangel series It offers Gore-Tex and a more harmonious fit.

Wear jackets Nordstrom / open Open Area Research

Best sustainable ski jacket brands

Outdoor companies have always tried to be environmentally friendly to protect our large facility. However, there are some brands that focus solely on sustainable endeavors, especially when it comes to work and the environment.

7. Save the Duck – Cruelty Free

The best cruelty-free and sustainable ski jacket brands: Save The Duck The best cruelty-free and sustainable ski jacket brands: Save The Duck

Positive: Sustainable and cruel top performances, excellent quality and very reliable.
Negatives: The focus is on fashion in everyday use, which is more suited to harsh conditions than ski-specific jackets.
Pricing: $ 300-1,000

Save The Duck is, as the name suggests, known for its cruel handling of clothing, the quality of its outfits, and sustained efforts.

A large focus of their brand is sustainability, and they are transparent on their website about their goals, rewards, and values. Many competitors have changed their efforts to obtain closer to what Save The Duck is known for.

Their property prices may be a small higher compared to competitors, but their fair trade workforce and sustainability efforts to protect animals are very attractive to anyone interested in sustainability. This is definitely a brand to follow!

Wear jackets Nordstrom /. Bloomingdale & # 39; s /. Farfetch

8. Organic painting

The best cruelty-free and sustainable ski jacket brands: Picture Organic The best cruelty-free and sustainable ski jacket brands: Picture Organic

Positive: Cheaper, sustainable propose, flashy style.
Negatives: They state they are geared towards skiing, but some cuts and varieties don't reflect this in the reviews.
Pricing: Retailers can obtain great sales of $ 200 to $ 500

Picture Organik prides itself on making winter clothing by workers, recycled and organically grown materials under the Fair Wear Foundation. The company was founded in France in 2008 and focuses on the manufacture of ski suits.

Cut ski jackets, suitable for both male and female figures, are eye-catching and colorful with a tasteful touch. They use a special breathable / waterproof DRYPLAY shell made from recycled materials and are self-recyclable. Insulated jackets use Dupont Sorona polyester insulation.

Wear jackets Backcountry / To open Moose jaw

Best ski jacket brands

If money is not an issue and you are looking for the top ski jackets money can buy, you can't do better than the following brands. They propose the top performance with some of the top design features available.

While many people fear the price, ski jackets can last for years and are a valuable investment in a jacket that will last a lifetime.

9. Punishment coats

The best luxury ski brands and designer ski brands: Strafe Outerwear The best luxury ski brands and designer ski brands: Strafe Outerwear

Positive: Ski-oriented brand with a unique style.
Negatives: Limited choice and variety compared to other brands.
Pricing: $ 430- $ 680

Punishment coats Founded in 2010 in Colorado, the company is a modern venture focused on hiking and skiing. Their clothes are of the highest quality and the trendy styles of many other brands. They focus more on the engineering and design of more durable or weatherproof jackets.

Women's jackets feature breathable / waterproof Recon materials that many reviewers find more comfortable than Gore-Tex, and the jackets are insulated with PrimaLoft, the top polyester insulation.

Wear jackets Moose jaw / To open Backcountry

10. Arc'teryx

Luxury ski jacket for men from Arc & # 39; teryxLuxury ski jacket for women from Arc & # 39; teryx

Positive: Some of the top quality and performance money can buy is the great fit and styles available.
Negatives: Too expensive, no budget offers.
Pricing: $ 675- $ 949

Arc'teryx It was founded outside of British Columbia in the 1980s and focused on directing climbing equipment. Since then it has focused on ski wear. They propose some of the highest standards in terms of material quality, workmanship, durability, and overall fit and style.

you Sentinel AR jacket It offers some of the top features and materials money can buy without compromising or forgetting a single detail.

They use Gore-Tex for the breathable / waterproof layer, a 1.6mm seam allowance for weight reduction, and a custom ski cut that top suits a female figure when going downhill.

Insulated jackets, Andessauses the same high quality materials and cuts to achieve excellent temperature performance. One possible downside to Arc'tereryx is that its styles and color choices can look a bit subtle. They are stylish and bold, but they may not look sporty or of high quality when viewed.

Wear jackets Arc'teryx / open Nordstrom / open Moose jaw / To open Backcountry

Bonus: Norrona

Luxury ski jacket for men by NorronaLuxury ski jacket for women from Norrona

Positive: Exceptional quality, wide range of fashion designs such as Arc & # 39; teryx.
Negatives: Many jackets are not ski-oriented.
Pricing: $ 400 to $ 1200

Started in 1929, Norrona It was founded in Norway as an outerwear company focused on the harsh Norwegian weather. They pride themselves on making some of the top winter weather outfits without compromise.

As one of Arc'tery's few competitors, it offers a great comparison for those looking for one of the top winter jackets out there. The Lofoten series is available in both peeled and insulated versions.

They are made with premium Gore-Tex like Arc'tereryx but have more unique styles and color options. They use PrimaLoft premium polyester insulation in the insulated Lofoten jacket.

Wear jackets Backcountry / open Moose jaw


With a dazzling selection of men's and women's ski jackets on the market, we anticipate this list gives you a good look at the brands out there. There are many different options from budget brands, sustainable brands and top brands to meet your needs.

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