Easy Roasted Garlic Recipe | Sweet peas and saffron

This post shows you how to make roasted garlic flavorful and flavorful using step-by-step photos to make it caramelized, soft and slightly sweet. Spread it on toast or use it to flatten your soups, hummus, or mashed potatoes.

Specializes in simple culinary skills like how to open the pomegranate or how to cook bacon in the oven It's a great way to be safer and more efficient in the kitchen. Another foundation that you definitely need for your kitchen tool belt? Learn How To Make Toasted Garlic!

If you're looking for simple (and healthy) ways to add flavor to recipes, roasted garlic is a game changer for you!

Roasting garlic reveals a whole modern aspect of garlic: it caramelizes it, softens the harshness of raw garlic, and reveals a mild sweetness that you never knew garlic had!

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Why should you roast garlic?

  • Lends depth of flavor to many dishes
  • very different and slightly sweet than raw or sauteed garlic
  • is versatile and works in tons of recipes
  • cheap, simple and delicious!

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Check out the video below to see how simple this method is! You can find more videos here Youtube channel!

Step by step instructions

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