7 underwear brands like Agent Provocateur Leaks Sex Appeal

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Thanks to large underwear brands such as Agent Provocateur, underwear is a permanent trend as outerwear.

However, I cognize that spending hundreds of dollars on expensive underwear (definitely not mine!) Is not for everyone. That's why I decided to write a post that outlines the top brands to check out if you are. We're looking for underwear like Agent Provocateur.

Fun Fact: Did you cognize Joseph Corré who founded Agent Provocateur is the son of fashion star Vivienne Westwood? This could explicate why their company is so popular in the luxury lingerie world.

The brand itself hasn't been around for a long time, but it's made a widely recognized name for itself and people respect it for the latest trends in underwear.

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Agent Provocateur is known for their fun and sexy pieces, which usually feature bright colors and bright satins. Because of their fearlessness to experiment with trends, they are often the first to jump into something modern and avant-garde.

As a synonym for glamor, one can almost imagine how a Bond girl wears Agent Provocateur when she undresses on the large screen.

While their outfits are adorable (and make the great Valentine's Day surprise), they're a bit expensive, costing around $ 60 for a pair of panties. But don't worry, these cute brands propose similar products at a much cheaper price.

Affordable brands like Agent Provocateur:

one. Oh La La Cheri

Brands like Agent Provocateur: Oh La La Cheri

Oh La La Cheri is a French underwear brand that has made a name for itself in recent years.

Underwear falls under "ultra sexy" underwear, sexy underwear and everyday underwear, so there are many different designs to select from depending on the look you want. It could be said that every design is made with love and dedication to make you look as lovely as possible.

More importantly, Oh La La Cheri is a very affordable brand – their bras and underwear range from $ 30 to $ 50 and the panties only range from $ 10 to $ 15.

See the complete collection at Nordstrom Here / Check your selection on the Nordstrom rack Here

2 .. Bluebella

Brands like Agent Provocateur: Bluebella

Another affordable brand that makes the sexy side lingerie is Bluebella. They sell their products on Revolve and ASOS so you can be sure that your products are good quality (and affordable) by reading the reviews.

Their style is striking, they have many cuts and attractive body straps. If you want your man's chin to drop to the floor when he sees you, one of these fiery small numbers should work.

Plus, they're super inclusive in terms of their size, increasing their bra size to 38G. They pride themselves on supplying the highest quality material so you can imagine how soft and silky their pieces will be.

See the full collection on Revolve Here Also available in ASOS Here

3. TAP me

Brands like Agent Provocateur: Adore me

If you haven't heard of Bana Adore by now, you're missing out! Adore Me has a wide range of hot underwear. New models are added every few weeks. It's one of the cheapest brands on this list, with kits starting at just $ 24.90.

Another special feature of Adore Me is that they propose two types of shopping: 1) regular shopping 2) a subscription service. With the subscription service, you pay $ 39 per month and obtain $ 10 off for free exclusive retail access and free shipping in the US with 6 purchases for each style. Don't worry – you don't have to order underwear every month. You can cancel your membership before the 6th of the month each month to obtain started right away.

If you'd rather skip the subscription and shop the traditional way, you can too! There are many great styles to select from so I highly recommend browsing their website.

See the full collection on Adore Me Here

4th Cute small thing

    Brand like Agent Provocateur

Brands like Agent Provocateur: Pretty Little Thing

First, let me introduce you to Pretty Little Thing, if you don't already cognize. It's a reputable fashion company that offers affordable alternatives to really high quality products.

Your choice of underwear is no different. Like Agent Provocateur, they are not afraid of bright colors and loud prints. What I love personally are the lovely body suits. Perfect for wearing jeans and a blazer for a high-low look.

However, if you look a small more suggestive, you still have plenty of options in a lingerie collection of over 260 styles.

Their prices range from $ 10 for a thong to $ 15 for a bra. And more – They are constantly selling products up to 60%!

See the full collection at Pretty Little Thing Here

5. ASOS underwear

Brands like Agent Provocateur: ASOS Lingerie

ASOS is known around the world for its commitment to bringing the latest trends to our customers at affordable prices. There are so many different brands on their website that it is almost overwhelming.

But a shining star in the lingerie department are their collections of the same name. Her underwear is flirty, playful and elegant. I cognize the eye-catching colors Agent Provocateur is known for are not for everyone. That's why ASOS took a page out of their book when it came to quality and class and then made their designs tastier.

The great thing about ASOS is that they have a generous return policy. This is important when buying underwear because you want to make sure that a bra fits snugly.

See the full collection at ASOS Here

Top brands like Agent Provocateur:

6th La Perla

Brands like Agent Provocateur: La Perla

La Perla is an Italian brand that has been in the market since the 50s and is known as underwear fashion. They are shown at fashion weeks around the world and their names are synonymous with glamor.

In the photos you can almost feel the quality of his clothes. Like these red lace bodysuits, they are so lovely that you won't want to take them off! I've always dreamed of owning something for them and if you browse their collections you will see why.

Everything they do is instantly classic as underwear companies around the world are looking for inspiration. They have been around for a long time as they are pioneers in the industry.

Their prices are mostly above the $ 100 line, but underwear is a lifetime investment. Even if it's just window shopping, don't be afraid to browse through what's on propose.

See the full collection in Bloomingdale Here / Shopbop, Here / Networking, Here

7 .. Maison Close

Brands like Agent Provocateur: Maison Close

Maison Close is, as the name suggests, a French underwear brand inspired by the French lifestyle. Not only do they propose sensual and fun underwear, they also propose a variety of accessories to play in your bedroom, from masks to handcuffs, massage candles and everything in between.

It really looks like the substance Agent Provocateur built around it, but at cheaper prices. Most of their sets cost around $ 100, which is definitely not cheap, but is still half the price of Agent Provocateur.

See full collection for Revolve Here

What brand of underwear have you bought before and what's your favorite when it comes to underwear?

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