50+ Gorgeous Bob Hairstyles for 2021

A short bob with bangs is short, messy hair that is somewhere between the length of the ear and the neck and is tied into a pony. It's a stylish way to reduce the tremendous weight of your hair and make your life easier with less maintenance, products, and styling time. Bob's haircut and bangs go hand in hand, sometimes one is missing the other and the other leaves something behind.

Bob's haircut is no doubt cute, long enough to be easily styled but short enough to look youthful and cool. What's the easiest way to make your hairstyle more stylish? Of course the edge! These lovely, elegant fringe hairstyles will make you happy when you have your hair cut by a bob or want a shorter "haircut"!

Stylish Bob hairstyle with bangs It's a stylish way to present yourself. It gives you a wide variety of styling options and can be styled in a very short amount of time. Sometimes it is difficult to find a hairstyle that suits you because it is simple to obtain overwhelmed by the choices made on social media and fashion magazines. Here are some great hairstyle options to select from this season.

1. Black hair

Recognition: @blackhair_magic

2. Blonde bob

Recognition: @hourglass

3. Blunt bob cut

Recognition: @betinha_leaohaircut

4. Blunt bob

Recognition: @woman

5. Bob cut style

Recognition: @nikitenko_elen_

6.Cute short bob

Recognition: @hori_haruka0424

7. Japanese medium bob

Recognition: @saya_hatai

8. Long bob haircut with bangs

Recognition: @the_bob_haircut

9. Red Angled Bob

Recognition: @Indramichelbeauty

10.Short Bob Haircut

Recognition: @Vikkibcn

11. Blonde hair French bob

Recognition: @Holly

12. Blunt blue bob

Recognition: @Chloeannanelson

13. Joking Bob

Recognition: @maureenbilodeauhair

14. Box Bob

Recognition: @Joeprofita

15. Chin length bob

Recognition: @Racheljoystratton

16. Chopped French Bob

Recognition: @Amiabramit hairdresser

17. French bob with stories 2021

Recognition: @Misskaciesunshine

18. French bob with bangs

Recognition: @Brianaguilarhair

19. Messy Bob

Recognition: @michelle.k.harrison

20. Straight razor Bob

Recognition: @Cutcolorsteph

21. Shaggy Blast

Recognition: @Madcarsonhair

22. Feathered bob

Recognition: @katiepdxhair

23. Hairy bobs

Recognition: @wowcoolwow

24. The wavy bob

Recognition: @Loveparisparker

25. Blonde bob

Recognition: @katiepdxhair

26. Blue bob with bangs

Recognition: @misfithairco

27. Bob haircut

Recognition: @Bosslady_magness

28.Bronde Highlights

Recognition: @robbie.hair

29.Brown Bob With Bangs

Recognition: @Hairbykotay

30. Brunette Bob 2021

Recognition: @Kalicolour hair

31. Colored bob hair

Recognition: @Sofiaknoppehair

32.Dusty Rose Bob

Recognition: @lindsaysprucesalon

33. The French bob

Recognition: @madhavi_priya_108

34. The French bob

Recognition: @Helenkandhasamy

35. French curly bob

Recognition: @marinapett.hair

36. Pink bob haircut

Recognition: @Ajaonyourmane

37. Pixie cut with bangs

Recognition: @justindillaha_hair

38. Platinum Blunt Bob

Recognition: @becca.rubinstein

39. Platinum Bob

Recognition: @Thehotmeze

40. Straight razor Bob

Recognition: @Brockstarhair

41.Shaggy Bob for short

Recognition: @katiepdxhair

42. Textured bob

Recognition: @Mosellesathhair

43. Blonde copper hair

Recognition: @menna.sian

44.Blue bob

Recognition: @Black room

45. Blunt bob

Recognition: @__hannahv

46.Bob with bangs

Recognition: @Smnthancole

47. Curtain boom

Recognition: @samantha.snipshair

48. The French bob haircut

Recognition: @Madisonvillohair

49. Gray highlights

Recognition: @Jessicamilazzorules

50. Cheap Rebellion Bob

Recognition: @Katemcbridehair

51. Razor Cut Bob

Recognition: @Color cut

52. Short Bob Hairstyle

Recognition: @mlle_jasmine macrae

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